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Nazar Gulyk
Chief Executive Officer
We are an IT company with a high qualified staff of designers and developers. The team’s requirements for the systems that are integrated into the company are very high. And I would like to note that everyone liked Effy from the first day! Customer support helped us integrate the system very quickly. We have never seen such a level of communication and professionalism, as well as flexibility in functionality, in any other HRM service. Our team started using Effy from day one. Instructions on how to use the system are very short, because with Effy everything is simple :) We have our own day off charging system. If someone works on weekends, he can request an additional day off. Previously, we couldn't do this with the HRM system, but Effy set up such functionality for us in a couple of days. The main advantages of Effy are simplicity, clarity, speed of integration, and customer support service that helps us with everything.
Jooble is an IT company which operates in 71 countries. The company’s product is a job search website with more than 90M monthly users.
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Oksana Ognevaya
Head of Recruitment & Management Practice
...For the two years of cooperation with the Effy, we've set up a lot of HR processes: from the design of absence policies, performance review, slack integration with pulse surveys, etc. Effy's project managers fantastically understand the depth of the client's request, the feeling that we are on the "same page". I am 100% satisfied. Never compromise. Look for your solutions, it definitely exists - now the HR tech industry is more abundant than ever. And take a look at Effy - I recommend it!
Maryna Galushko
Learning & Development Team Lead
Using Effy (ex Paser), we have automated many HR processes. For example, all kinds of absences, hiring applications, offboarding, relocation, the ability to recommend a friend for a certain vacancy, notifications about birthdays and the end of the probationary period for newcomers, a 360-degree feedback, etc. But the real pleasure is conducting surveys through Effy (ex Pacer)! Firstly, it is possible to customize the report template for each specific survey, and secondly, you receive a report with many parameters based on the employee's personal cards. By each of these parameters, there is the possibility to filter the data and build hypotheses. But the main advantage of Effy is customer support and readiness to find a solution to any type of request, even in the middle of the night :)
Yulia Lisnyanskaya
Employee support Team Lead
We launched the absence block in a matter of days, despite many policies and rules that create conditions for the comfortable work of employees. Now you can take a vacation or sick day with a few clicks in the corporate messenger, which saves the working hours of all our colleagues. February 2021
Intellectsoft is an IT service company that provides modern technological solutions for companies around the world.
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Alla Lotovskaya
HR Director
Intellectsoft highly appreciatedthe results of Paser's implementation in the company's survey procedure. Already, there is an active preparation for the deployment of surveys in thedirection of onboarding, and in the future - in other areas of the HRdepartment.
Effy (Paser) helped us look at the possibilities of surveys for the development of the company from a different angle. It's a flexible tool that allows us to get the whole picture we've been piecing together for weeks.
Anastasia Matveenko
HR Partner
Integration with Slack allows us to get valuable feedback from employees more often and more easily, which is great for everyone.
Upswot is the white-label loan onboarding platform with adjusted business processes, accurate underwriting & pre-scoring to help the Lenders provide more loans to SMEs better, faster, and cheaper.
Dmitriy Sivolap
COO & Founder
It is easy to control the intersection of people’s vacations and plan the team’s work, taking into account sick leave and postponements of working days. Confirmation through Telegram is ultra-convenient !!! The presence of a hierarchy of approvals enables all responsible managers to keep their fingers on the pulse. The culture of people’s behaviour with the help of Effy (Paser) in terms of accounting for vacations, sick leaves, and days off is organised in the company by itself. October 2020
Rocket is a delivery service company formerly known as Raketa. The brand has been operating on the market since 2018 and is presented by applications for Android and iOS.
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Alena Petrenko
For a CFO, it is crucial to managing daily financial requests. Effy (Paser) is one of the best and easiest options for the financial department. You can describe everything in detail and send it to the CFO, budgeting specialist or CEO for review. Additionally, you can add an invoice or signed agreement and export all data in Excel. The program has a friendly interface so other departments who make those requests could understand everything in one click.
International software development company that provides consulting and direct services for complex IT-рrojects.
Natalya Korol
HR Director
About a year and a half ago, we were looking for a process automation service for the company and settled on Effy (ex Pacer) for several reasons: 1) the platform has an intuitive user interface. No special training is required in order, for example, to create a vacation request or check the balance of available vacation days. 2 ) Good support service with a quick response regarding any requests or questions from our side. 3) The platform is constantly developing, adding new interesting and useful features. 4) Very useful feature for us is synchronization with a corporate messenger. We have no need to open the web interface for agreeing on an issue, everything is done via corporate messenger.
Mobile development and monetization of Android apps.
Yuri Yurievich Kolomiets
It has been 4th months that we are using Effy (ex Pacer) to track vacations, sick leaves and work from home. We are very satisfied with the service! The service is easy to use - once you understand and set up time tracking policies, set the areas of responsibility for employees and it is done. It works properly. In case of any technical questions, support is promptly answering. It greatly simplifies life and many HR processes. It is also nice that the cost of the service won't cost you a fortune. I understand that when I made the decision to work with Effy (ex Paser), it was the right choice! Thank you for automating routine processes!
International IT company with 10 years of experience that specialized on integration and development of banking solutions, security, blockchain etc. Clients as Crédit Agricole Group and UniCredit Bank.
Liudmyla Yasynska
There are 2 reasons why Effy was chosen as an HR software solution: first and foremost - it's comfortable to use. I will not use the program if it does not give this feeling of convenience and the ability to simply and quickly close my questions. And second, also very important, is customer support. You will not be left alone with the purchased program, you will not be left to figure it out on your own, but Effy experts will always help you: set up, understand, and get ducks in a row. Effy is super client oriented! Therefore I'm choosing Effy :)