360 Degree Review

What is a 360 degree review?

A 360 review is a performance evaluation process that solicits employee feedback from all directions, including supervisors, coworkers, and direct reports. A 360-degree review aims to provide an employee with practical feedback and a deeper understanding of their contributions to the company.

How do you write a 360 degree review?

The following stages will assist you in establishing a 360-degree review system inside your organization:

  1. Establish rating criteria for each employee
  2. Determine who will evaluate each employee
  3. Distribute a survey for raters to complete (anonymously or not)
  4. Send the employee the same survey for self-evaluation
  5. Establish a date and time for the 360-degree review
  6. Discuss evaluations with the employee
  7. Continue to monitor progress

What is the most important benefit of a 360 degree review?

Your employees receive a complete report detailing their strengths and improvement areas. This provides insight into their behavior and how coworkers and managers evaluate them. Increased self-awareness is regarded as the most significant advantage of 360-degree feedback.