360 Review Software

What is a 360 review software?

A 360-review software is an employee evaluation tool that helps gather rounded feedback on employees through self-evaluation from their co-workers, clients and managers. These are considered the people who know them best regarding their work capabilities and professional behavior. A 360-review software is essential to provide a detailed overview of an employee from all corners and give complete appraisal and training recommendations. 

What are the best three 360 review software?

There are many great 360-review software available. However, here are the top three to consider.

Effy: Effy is a great 360-review software that helps HR managers automate the process of review collation. Also, the survey templates are engaging and easy to use at all levels.

Bamboo HR: This is a popular all-in-one review software equipped to collect, organize and analyze all the information of employees from all corners.

Leapsome: Leapsome is another 360-review software equipped with powerful analytics to measure employee performance across key skills, whether company-wide skills, team skills or project-specific skills.

What is the best free 360 review software?

Effy stands out as one of the best 360 review software that takes out the hassles of manual review and feedback systems. With an efficient tool like Effy, management will be better positioned to set realistic goals for employees, track progress, gain insights and make informed decisions about recruitment and HR management.