9 Box Grid

What is the 9 box grid?

The 9 box grid is a method for evaluating employees that splits and shows them over 9 major data points. It's a grid-based approach that assesses employees' performance and growth potential to place them in one of these nine segments.

Are 9 box grids outdated?

According to some modern marketers, 9 box grid may soon be replaced, and there are several reasons for it:

- The 9-grid is connected to a top-down approach

- The judgment is very personal and not fact-based

- The 9-grid is part of a prolonged talent identification process

- Only internal candidates are considered

As modern-day hiring is always on the go and pretty fluid, marketers feel it's essential to make the recruitment and selection processes more transparent.

How do you use a 9 box grid?

To use a 9-box grid, there are three steps to follow:

  1. Evaluate the performance of your employees.
  2. Evaluate the potential of your personnel.
  3. Create a 3x3 grid of performance and potential.

A total of 9 categories are created depending on the performance and potential of all employees.