Career Growth

What is career growth?

Career growth can be defined as progressing from one point in your career point to a higher point. The progress made on the corporate ladder is all through an employee's professional journey. Career growth is achievable through promotions and increased responsibilities, which helps employees hone their skills, increase performance and enjoy more rewards. While it is the sole responsibility of the individual to aim for their career growth, the organization still plays a significant role in aiding the progression of the employee.


What are types of career growth?

Vertical career growth: It refers to when an employee advances gradually from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top. This type of growth is identifiable by increased responsibility, from receiving orders to leading small teams and then overseeing larger teams.

Horizontal career growth: This type of growth is evident in the step-by-step advancement of an employee into different niches or across multiple industries. This type of career growth indicates an interest in gaining wide scope of knowledge and experience.


What is important for career growth?

To aim for career growth, it is important to make a clear short-term plan that is realistic and attainable. Build solid networks and cultivate cordial relationships with co-workers, to stay in the loop of all ongoing work activities, opportunities and decision making. Lastly, by paying attention to performance reviews, an employee can pinpoint areas of performance that need more effort to avoid career stagnation.



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