Career Path

What is a career path? 

A career path is the progression of an individual's professional journey from his first job role up to retirement. It is a strategically planned direction that employees chart to reach a peak point of high value and maximum career benefits. You follow a career path through your sequence of job roles, whether within the same organization/industry or by switching between organizations/industries.

Having a clearly defined career path benefits the individual employee, as it guides them on what skills and opportunities to pursue. It also helps the company because it spurs the employee to put in a high-quality performance to climb the corporate ladder.

What are five career paths?

There are several career paths, each with its unique challenges and rewards. Some common career paths include:

- Health services

- Arts and communication

- Business

- Engineering

- Human Resources

What is a good career path?

A good career path aligns with a person's personality, passion, skill set and plans. To ensure that a good career path is charted, one must pay attention to current trends in the corporate world and look out for future projections of that line of work. As a professional, you want to make sure your career path will remain relevant. It is advisable to leave room for some change in direction, which you might explore soon.


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