Company Values

What are company values?Β 

Company values mean the set of clearly defined principles that guide an organization's operations from top to bottom. A company's values are identifiable from the corporate vision and mission statement and they show what kind of work the organization aspires to be.


What are company values examples?

Examples of company values include the following:

Quality: The commitment to stick to a standard of top-quality products and services, irrespective of economic challenges.

Customer-centric service: This is placing the interests of the company's customers as a top priority, thereby winning their trust and loyalty.

Integrity: This is when value is placed on an ethical code of conduct in a manner that is considered professional and trustworthy to anyone the company interacts with.

Accountability: Emphasis is placed on responsibility for actions to ensure discretion and initiative.


What are the core values of a company?

A company's core values serve as non-negotiable, binding principles observed by all company members to guide actions, tasks and behavior.Β 



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