Culture Fit

What is a cultural fit? 

The work environment brings together people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, beliefs and values. However, there must be a cultural fit for the employees to be finely attuned to the company values and have a satisfying work experience. A culture fit refers to the proper alignment of the employees' lifestyles and backgrounds with the company's values and vision. 

What is a good cultural fit?

When screening a prospective employee, a good cultural fit believes in the company's mission and indicates shared attributes with an ideal employee. A good cultural fit isn't just someone who seems qualified. Instead, by observing the prospect's values, motivations and interests, it becomes clear whether they are a good cultural fit or not.

How do you determine culture fit?

To determine a culture fit, it is crucial that you first communicate the corporate culture to the employees. By identifying the company's core values, you can assess those who are motivated by it and those who are put off.

Also, hiring workers must be based on merit to ascertain that every employee brought on board is a high-performing professional who has self-motivation, resilience, collaboration and leadership qualities.