Development Action Plan

What is a development action plan?

A Development Action Plan (DAP) is a strategic plan to improve areas you require to advance in your career. It is the concise outlining of your plans to rise on the corporate ladder and the steps to get there. Designing a development action plan helps alert employees to the prospects and possibilities available to them if they put in the effort. It serves as a guide for the organization and the individual.


How do you write a development action plan?

Details to write in a DAP include:

- The description of the goal.

- Steps or activities that will help in achieving the goal.

- Employees or teams that will work on each activity to achieve the goal.

- Resources and support that are needed to meet the goal.

- The timeframe to achieve the goal.

- The indicators that show progress or mistakes.


What are the eight steps to developing an action plan?

  1. Define the responsibilities of each employee or team.
  2. Define the objectives of each task.
  3. Set expected outcomes or range of outcomes.
  4. Clarify the resources needed and how to get them.
  5. Identify the likely challenges and how to mitigate them.
  6. Set target dates to hit each milestone.
  7. Clarify the rewards or sanctions that will be given at the end of the timeframe.

Set evaluation metrics to determine if the plan was achieved or not.



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