Employee Enablement

What is employee enablement?

This is the act of providing employees with all the needed resources and support to enable them to give their best work performance. It is a proactive way of ensuring that employees do not give average or mediocre work but perform as best as possible because they are well-equipped. It is a smart way of investing in employees to ensure their productivity is unhindered by trivial concerns such as their fundamental human needs.

How do you measure employee enablement?

To measure employee enablement, the HR manager must prepare insightful surveys to assess the hindrances and challenges employees face in their line of work. Afterward, the feedback should be collected and analyzed to discover how well they are enabled and what they require to perform excellently.

What does enablement mean to a company?

When a company's employees are well enabled, the quality of output they give shows. Employee enablement results in better employee performance and improved business outcomes and employee satisfaction and retention. 


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