One-on-One Meeting

What is a one-on-one meeting for?

As the name implies, a one-on-one meeting is a meeting between two individuals, usually between a senior co-worker or manager and a subordinate. It could also be a meeting between equal-level employees. A one-on-one meeting between the HR manager and an employee serves to get more personalized feedback and insights from the employee. The purpose of calling a one-on-one meeting can vary from performance reviews, feedback collation, rewards, or sanctions, among other purposes.

What do you talk about in a one-on-one meeting?

In a one-on-one meeting, you want to ensure that the atmosphere is easy enough to enable the employee to speak honestly. To achieve this, the questions and points raised must be pointed and disarming. While the discussion should revolve around work-based issues, you can also pitch in personal insights and ask some personal questions.

1. What are good questions to ask employees in one-on-one meetings?

2. What has been your experience working with your team members?

3. What challenges do you have working on this project?

4. How do you feel about your workload? Too much, too little, or alright?

5. What resources do you need to work on this project more efficiently?

6. Tell me about your short-term career goals. Are you making any steps towards achieving them?

7. How do you unwind after a challenging day at work?