Performance Evaluation

What is meant by performance evaluation?

Performance evaluation (sometimes referred to as performance review or performance appraisal) is the systematic assessment of an employee's performance.

How do you evaluate performance?

Here are some standard methods for assessing employee performance:

As the name implies, this strategy considers a group of individuals' input, opinions, and judgments. This includes coworkers, managers, and those with whom the employee interacts.

  • Objective-based effectiveness

Managers and employees collaborate to establish performance objectives and deadlines with this approach.

  • A variation on the SWOT

It is preferable to replace 'weakness' with 'areas for development' in a SWOT analysis for performance evaluation. Consider 'opportunities' as future opportunities for your employees' growth and development inside the organization.

  • Performance ranked on scales

Traditional methods for evaluating an employee's performance in various areas involve numerical scales, such as 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. 

These scales are frequently utilized because they are simple to comprehend for both employees and managers, allow for straightforward comparisons across team members, require minimal administration, and can be customized to suit the organization's demands. Managers or HR can establish the ranking criteria, including behavior, ability, and completed projects.

In this method, the employee evaluates their own performance based on employer-supplied questions. This strategy is most effective when combined with a verbal performance evaluation.