Personal Development Plan

What is a personal development plan?

A personal development plan (PDP) is the practice of consistently adding new skills, knowledge and competencies to yourself in areas of your choice. It is a clear and documented outline that shows what you aim to achieve to attain better fulfillment and growth. A personal development plan does not have to be restricted to your career alone, as it also concerns your finances, education, relationships and other interests.

What are the key elements of a personal development plan?

A personal development plan should include the following elements:

  • A clear reason showing why you want to achieve your plans.
  • A defined vision of where you want to be.
  • A defined timeframe to help you prioritize the different areas of your PDP.
  • The skills and resources you need to meet up with your plans.
  • Your expected milestones to keep you on track.

What is a personal development plan example?

A personal development plan could simply be 'Get a promotion at work next January'. To achieve this, you need a detailed plan to guide (documented) and steps to get the promotion. Such steps will include: taking a management training course, requesting a performance appraisal with HR, networking better with the line manager, etc.