Pulse Survey

What is a pulse survey? 

A pulse survey is an assessment model that managers use to measure employees' experience, satisfaction and complaints. Just as the word 'pulse' implies, a pulse survey is done quickly and regularly, with short precise questions that provide surface insight into employees' disposition on various issues.

What is the use of a pulse survey?

Employee pulse surveys are used by management to discover what employees like or dislike about their work experience, thereby enabling the company to effect necessary changes. Unlike a detailed employee survey that comes at designated periods and requires a good amount of time to complete, pulse surveys are more frequently done. They are usually influenced by current activities in the work environment. This way, the management can use data from pulse surveys to track the changes in employee behavior over time and the likely causes of such changes.

How do you write a pulse survey?

To create a pulse survey, consider user-friendly questions to ask your employees. It could be to find out how they adjust to a newly introduced technology. Other questions can revolve around the communication culture and workload insights. It is advisable to administer pulse surveys online or use employee management software while guaranteeing anonymity.


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