Self-Development Plan

What is a self-development plan?

A Self-development Plan is often used interchangeably with a Personal Development Plan, as they mean similar concepts. However, a self-development plan is focused on improving things that are already a part of one's life. It is a process of enhancing your skills, building resilience and better managing your inadequacies.

How do you write a self-development plan?

A self-development plan should be consciously written and not merely ideated. Although the tasks might be conceptual with ideas such as 'improved time management, 'stress management, 'better focus at work,' and 'meditation,' it is still essential to outline points that will help you actualize them.

What are some self-development goals?

1. Improve my work relationships with superiors.

2. Develop higher self-esteem and confidence.

3. Become more fit and healthy.

4. Sharpen my skills via certification courses.

5. Avoid distractions at work and maintain focus on the job.