Structured Meeting

What is a structured meeting?

A structured meeting is an organized and scheduled meeting designed to meet a set objective within a defined timeframe. It brings together the critical team members who can offer quality contributions to meet a business target. The organizer of a structured meeting communicates the agenda of the meeting beforehand to guide the proceedings and avoid delays. The use of visual aids and presentations is common in structured meetings to accelerate operations and improve the quality of decisions and outcomes.

How do you conduct a structured meeting?

1. Prepare and distribute the agenda beforehand.

2. Input time frames to the different agenda points.

3. Invite only the necessary participants.

4. Stick to the main points only.

5. Ensure decisions are made on the spot.

6. Clarify and document key decisions made.

Why are structured meetings important?

A structured meeting is important because it prioritizes productivity. Although non-essential discussions and slow decision-making characterize many meetings, a structured meeting helps to bring all critical participants to the same page.