What is wellbeing?

The term 'well-being' refers to individuals' overall health and wellness in an organization concerning their work. It encompasses physical, mental and social factors that impact an individual's attitude to work.

Overseeing the general state of well-being of the employees is a duty of the Human Resource department, as this directly influences the level of productivity and ensures employee loyalty and job satisfaction.


‍What are the 5 areas of well-being?

According to Gallup, there are five main areas of employee wellbeing. These are:

Career well-being: this area covers how the individual employee feels about work, whether with or without motivation.

Social wellbeing: this area of well-being is about how the individual employee is doing in their relationships with other people.

Financial wellbeing: this area of well-being covers how the employee is faring in their finances, whether poorly or comfortably.

Physical wellbeing: this is the area of well-being that has to do with physical health, strength and mental stamina to handle challenging work tasks.

Community wellbeing: this is about the sense of belonging to a defined group, as well as the need to share a bond with the people around you.


What are the 3 aspects of wellbeing?

  1. Physical wellbeing
  2. Mental wellbeing
  3. Social wellbeing



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