Effy is designed to be a daily workforce management tool, helping managers and human resources build high-performing teams. Since the age of 22, when I first became a team leader, managing people and organizing work processes have become what inspires me the most. This is what prompted the creation of Effy with a amazing team of like-minded people. Our big idea, which we are moving towards, is to put people management on autopilot from regular reviews to daily routine.
Andrew Makhovskyi
CEO and Co-Founder Effy.ai

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What’s new
What’s fixed
March 2023
What’s new
  • Navigation menu structure depending on the user role
  • Employee’s profile card structure with the list of employee’s reviews
  • Review section, where a regular employee sees a list of his reviews
What’s fixed
  • Section My company/People in the navigation menu always displayed for the administrators of the account
  • My team section in the navigation menu includes not only the user's subordinates, but also his team (users who have the same manager)
February 2023
What’s new
  • Review summary generated by OpenAI (ChatGPT) based on the responses that were given as part of this review
  • New account registration wizard
  • New blank slate on the Home page
  • Expanded list of the memoji stickers and new animal avatars
  • Recommended templates updated
  • Option to pay for a subscription directly from the Home page: payment is made through the Fondy service
  • Information about the limit of users (set to 10 employees in accordance with the new pricing) displayed to the account administrator
What’s fixed
  • Progress displayed when launching a review
  • Number of colleagues left to invite displayed when registering an account
January 2023
What’s new
  • Possibility to edit the reviewers after the review is launched
  • Upward review option
  • Possibility to send the review back to a particular reviewer for him/her to edit the answers/fill out canceled review
  • New Home page design with the onboarding tasks and intro video
  • Option to send invitations to the new members when adding them to the system
  • New design of the first page of an interview set
  • No email verification during account registration
  • Magic link registration without entering a password
  • Access to the different sections of the system granted depending on the employee’s access level
  • Welcome interview with the new set of questions
What’s fixed
  • People tab is displayed to the user immediately after inviting the first teammate (previously you had to refresh the page)
  • On the Home tab all tasks and reviews are sorted by creation date
  • Deactivated employees are no longer displayed in the employees selection window
December 2022
What’s new
  • New review launch wizard with the possibility to choose up to 3 templates
  • Reminders to the reviewers: now you can send a reminder to a particular reviewer that the deadline for completing review is approaching
  • New set of recommended templates developed by our team
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate/delete a person in the employees list
  • Employees access level: now you can set an access level for each employee in the profile card
  • Automatic deactivation of the dismissed employees: all users who have an employment end date set in their profile are automatically deactivated the next day after the employment end date
What’s fixed
  • Changed the order of sections in the navigation menu
  • Employees managers are automatically filled in when adding participants in the review launch wizard
  • Information about the reviewee in the interview set is hidden if it is a Self review
November 2022
What’s new
  • Banner with a possibility to book a call with the team on the Home page 
  • When editing a template, the Questions tab displays the number of questions
  • Delete review option in the review list
What’s fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the employee’s minicard not disappearing
October 2022
What’s new
  • New Recommended tab with system templates in Templates section
  • “Request a template” feature
  • When creating a question, you can provide an alternative for self-evaluation
  • Review results analytics: - average score is displayed for each question section/category/topic; - you can sort results by employee’s areas to improve or strengths 
  • Improvements in how templates are displayed & page with information about a template
  • Review results export to Excel
What’s fixed
  • Fixed a bug with saving a question that has a colon in the title
  • Fixed display of the filter buttons in case of a very long filter value
  • Now you can see the progress in case of a bad internet connection when signing in
September 2022
What’s new
  • Limited access to review results: Reviewee will see anonymous results, only review cycle administrators will have full access to the results
  • Review results can be grouped by question’s category
What’s fixed
  • Improvements in meeting notes & review summary: possibility to mention employees & to highlight text 
August 2022
What’s new
  • Demo data in new accounts in Effy
  • Onboarding for new users in Effy
  • Improvements in how performance review results are displayed: New text style; Question icons near each question; Questions can be folded/unfolded
  • One button for template preview in review cycle wizard
  • Redirect to signup page if new user tries to sign in
  • Show warning and redirect user from verification page in wizard to step where some information is missing
  • Show notification about missing data when user moves to next step in wizard
  • Users added to the account are active right away 
What’s fixed
  • Account registration took too long
  • Default notification text didn’t appear on Notifications step in wizard if user changed review types selected
  • It was possible to select disabled people as reviewees and reviewers
  • Changes were not saved in review cycle wizard until user clicked on the next step
  • User couldn’t unselect answer in Linear scale question 
  • Home page wasn’t refreshed after the user completed the task
  • Page titles weren’t displayed in review results
  • Access rights to meetings didn’t function correctly