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Product updates

November 2022
What’s new:
- Banner with a possibility to book a call with the team on the Home page 
- Delete review option in the review list
- When editing a template, the Questions tab displays the number of questions
October 2022
What’s new:
- New Recommended tab with system templates in Templates section
- “Request a template” feature
- Improvements in how templates are displayed & page with information about a template
- When creating a question you can provide an alternative for self-evaluation
- Review results analytics: 
    - average score is displayed for each question section/category/topic
    - you can sort results by employee’s areas to improve or strengths 
Review results export to Excel
Sep 20, 2022
What’s new:
- Welcome interview after new account registration
- Review results analytics: average score is displayed for each question and question category
- Information about the templates used for the review cycle on the Details tab in the review card
- When you hover your mouse over an employee's avatar you’ll see a pop-up window with the main information about the person and the ability to quickly contact this employee or open his/her profile
Sep 5, 2022
What’s new:
- Limited access to review results: Reviewee will see anonymous results, only review cycle administrators will have full access to the results
- Improvements in meeting notes & review summary: possibility to mention employees & to highlight text 
- Review results can be grouped by question’s category
Aug 20, 2022
What’s new:
- Demo data in new accounts in Effy
- Onboarding for new users in Effy
- Improvements in how performance review results are displayed           
⁃    New text style          ⁃    Question icons near each question          ⁃    Questions can be folded/unfolded
- One button for template preview in review cycle wizard
- Redirect to signup page if new user tries to sign in
- Show warning and redirect user from verification page in wizard to step where some information is missing
- Show notification about missing data when user moves to next step in wizard
- Users added to the account are active right away 

What’s fixed:
- Account registration took too long
- Default notification text didn’t appear on Notifications step in wizard if user changed review types selected
- It was possible to select disabled people as reviewees and reviewers
- Changes were not saved in review cycle wizard until user clicked on the next step
- User couldn’t unselect answer in Linear scale question
- Home page wasn’t refreshed after the user completed the task 
- Page titles weren’t displayed in review results
- Access rights to meetings didn’t function correctly