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Multi-Source Feedback
Gather feedback from various sources, including managers, colleagues, subordinates, and even external clients or partners
Ready-to-Use Templates
Customizable pre-designed templates based on the experience of thousands of companies and the HR community
Anonymity and Confidentiality
Effy AI provide options for anonimization and hiding respondents names to promote open and honest assessments
Customizable Questions
Questions library with possibility to create your own questions with different scales match an organization's unique requirements
Comprehensive Reports
Reports that consolidate feedback from all sources into a structured format with graphical representations
Slack Integration
Submit your reviews and receive notifications in Slack and also easily invite colleagues using Slack user lists
Automation and Notifications
Automated sending reminders and notifications to participants and raters to ensure timely submition
Customizable Workflows
Accommodation of different workflows for various employee levels or departments 
Developmental Suggestions
Many companies conduct an initial performance review after an employee completes their probationary period, which is typically 3 to 6 months.
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