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People management
tool for innovative companies

HR software, that empowers leaders to build high-performing teams

Data to drive team results


Engage staff through regular, insightful surveys, use Effy tools to interpret the data, and get a clearer picture.

Run surveys, gather feedback, and translate the data into actionable insights. Remember, Effy puts people at the core of the solution.

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Improve employee productivity

Reviews &
360 feedback

Create a solid connection between HR and the workplace through a 360-degree performance feedback cycle.

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& Development

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& Team Meetings

Human-centric approach to help


Promote HR advocacy among new hires through better understanding of processes and workflows.

The first day at a new workplace can be daunting, but you can make it less so. Use a human-centric approach to help the employee transition smoothly into their role.

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Organize and manage staff files

Employee profile

All employee information right at your fingertips.

HR management meets full digitization. Organize and manage staff files quicker and more efficiently.

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Rocket's HR and finance teams always have their finger on the pulse

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Organize and manage staff files

Leave management

Simplify leave and absence management with’s centralized solution to do the hard work for you.

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