Privacy Policy

At Effy AI, we prioritize data privacy and security, aiming to strike the right balance between offering a seamless user experience and protecting your valuable

1. Information Collection
2. Use of Information We Collect
3. Information Sharing
4. Information Storage and Security
5. Information Access and Control
6. Additional Privacy Considerations
7. Cookie Policy
8. Contact Us

1. Information Collection

As part of our Privacy and Security measures, we gather specific information that you willingly provide to us during the sign-up and login process, as well as when making modifications to your profile page. It is essential to collect some of this data to effectively deliver our Services to you.

Here are the types of information we collect:

  • Sign-in and Login Information: We collect the necessary details required for your successful registration and usage of our product. This includes your email address, password, name, and surname. Additionally, when you invite others to join Effy AI as part of a team, we also collect their information for the same purpose, ensuring their smooth sign-up and login process.

  • Account and Profile Information: Your personal account page may contain various details that you can add or delete, such as contact information, links to social media profiles, and marital status, among others.

  • Shareable Information: Any questions and templates you create within the system are collected and securely stored. These data points remain associated with your company account, as long as they are provided through the questionnaire.

  • Information You Provide Through Support Channels: Our Services include customer support, where you can submit information about any issues you encounter. Whether you designate yourself as a technical contact, open a support ticket, or engage with our team, you'll be asked to provide contact information and a summary of the problem along with any relevant documentation or screenshots.

  • Collected Information When Using the Services: When you utilize our Services, we gather certain information about your interactions with them, which includes browsing our websites and engaging in specific actions within the Services.

  • Your Use of the Services: We carefully track and record specific details when you visit and interact with any of our Services. This encompasses the features you engage with, the links you click on, the types and names of attachments you upload, frequently used search terms, and your interactions with others on the platform. Additionally, we collect insights into the teams and individuals you collaborate with and the manner in which you work alongside them.

  • Device and Connection Information: To ensure seamless access to our Services, we collect information about the devices you use, such as your computer, phone, tablet, or other similar devices. This data includes details about your connection type and settings during installation, access, updates, or overall usage of our Services. Moreover, we obtain information about your device's operating system, browser type, IP address, URLs of referring and exit pages, device identifiers, and crash data. To enhance your Service experience, we may use your IP address and/or country preference to approximate your location. The extent of the information we collect in this regard depends on the type and settings of the device you use to access our Services.

2. Use of Information We Collect

With your consent, we may use your personal information to make our Services even better for you! Here are some examples of how we do that:

  1. Providing Top-Notch Services: Your personal information helps us ensure that you get the best possible experience while using our Services. We utilize the information you provide and the content you create to deliver the Services available in Effy AI. It's important to note that the access settings, which you can manage from your account, govern how your content and personal information are handled.
  2. Fixing Issues: We may request a description and screenshots of any issue you may encounter in order to help you and fix it.
  3. Improving Our Services: We love making our Services better every day, and your data helps us identify areas for improvement. We use data on how you are using our product or website in order to make it better for you. For example: link click, page view, download, new assets creation etc.
  4. Keeping You Informed: Your data enables us to inform you about our latest products and Services that we think you might find interesting. Additionally, we use your information to notify you about any changes in your account based on your profile settings, as well as reminders about your subscription expiration date

3. Information Sharing

We created a tool for team and company collaboration, due to that we share the information you consent to share with others.

  1. Collaboration: You can create and share content with your colleagues, which may contain personal information about you. When you use certain collaboration features on our Services and share or interact with specific content, some of your profile information may be visible to other users of the Services. For example, a colleague who is providing feedback about you could see your name, surname and profile picture. 
  2. Third-party: We engage with third-party service providers to assist us in various essential functions, including website and application development, hosting, maintenance, backup, storage, virtual infrastructure, payment processing, and analysis. As part of their role in providing these Services for us, there may be instances where these providers need to access or utilize information about you.

However, we take data privacy and security seriously. Any access to your information by these service providers is strictly governed by our close supervision and instruction. We have implemented comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure that your information is adequately protected throughout this process. Your confidentiality and privacy are of paramount importance to us, and we remain committed to upholding the highest standards in safeguarding your data.

4. Information Storage and Security

To ensure your information is safe and secure, we utilize data hosting service providers based in Europe. Alongside this, we implement robust technical measures to protect your data.

However, it's essential to understand that despite our best efforts, no security system is entirely invulnerable. Due to the inherent nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that data transmission or storage on our systems is impervious to unauthorized access.

Regarding the retention of information, the duration varies depending on the type of data collected. For active accounts, we keep your account information for as long as your account remains active and for a reasonable period afterward, in case you decide to reactivate our Services.

Certain information is also retained to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce agreements, support business operations, and continuously improve our Services. When we use information for Service enhancement, we ensure that it is anonymized and used only to gain collective insights about the usage of our Services, respecting your privacy at all times.

In the event of account deactivation or disability, some of your shared information and content will be retained to enable your team members or other users to continue utilizing the Services effectively. For example, feedback sent to recipients and provided content may still be accessible.

If the Services are accessed through an organization (such as an employer), we retain your information for as long as required by the account administrator. For further details, please refer to "Additional Privacy Considerations".

Regarding marketing preferences, if you have opted to receive marketing emails from us, we maintain your related information for a reasonable period from the last time you showed interest in our Services, such as when you last opened an email or ceased using your Effy AI account. Additionally, information derived from cookies and tracking technologies is retained for a reasonable period from the date of creation.

5. Information Access and Control

Deactivating Your Account: If you decide that you no longer wish to use our Services, you or your administrator can deactivate your Services account. Please reach out to your administrator for assistance. Please keep in mind that deactivating your account does not erase your information. Other Service users may still have access to your information based on your past activities within the Services. In case you deactivate a company’s account all the information about that account users will be deleted. For details on how to delete your information, please contact us via

Deleting Your Information: Within our Services, you have the ability to delete certain information about yourself from the Service. For instance, you can remove content containing your information using the delete functionality or change your answers on the question. In order to do that, please contact your admin user. However, do note that certain information may need to be retained for record-keeping purposes, to complete transactions, or to comply with our legal obligations. For details on how to delete your information, please contact us via

Request to Stop Using Your Information: If you believe that we do not have the appropriate rights to access, store, or use your information, you have the right to request that we stop processing it. For instance, if you believe an unauthorized Services account was created for you or you are no longer an active user, you can request the deletion of your account, as outlined in this policy. Similarly, if you provided consent for specific purposes, you can contact us to withdraw that consent. Please note that this will not affect any processing that has already taken place. If you wish to opt-out of our use of your information for marketing purposes, you can contact us as provided below. When you make such requests, we will need time to investigate and facilitate your request. In case of any delay or dispute about the right to continue using your information, we will refrain from further use until your request is honored or the dispute is resolved, unless your administrator objects (where applicable). If you object to the sharing of information about you with a third-party app, you can disable the app or consult your administrator to do so.

Opt-Out of Communications: You have the option to opt-out of receiving promotional communications from us. You can use the unsubscribe link within each email, update your email preferences in your Service account settings menu, or contact us to have your contact information removed from our promotional email list or registration database. However, please note that even if you opt-out of promotional messages, you will still receive transactional messages from us regarding our Services. Additionally, you can opt-out of some notification messages in your account settings.

6. Additional Privacy Considerations

Important Information for End Users

Please be aware that many of our Services (features) are designed for use within organizations. If you access the Services through an organization (such as your employer), that organization acts as the administrator and has control over the accounts and Service sites.

If this applies to you, we kindly ask that you direct any data privacy inquiries to your organization's administrator, as your use of the Services is governed by their policies. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of the administrator's organization, which may differ from our own policy.

Administrators have certain capabilities, including:

  • Requiring you to reset your account password.
  • Restricting, suspending, or terminating your access to the Services.
  • Accessing information within and related to your account.
  • Accessing or retaining information stored as part of your account.
  • Installing or uninstalling third-party apps or other integrations.
  • Restrict, suspend, or terminate your account access.
  • Change the email address associated with your account.
  • Modify your information, including profile details.
  • Limit your ability to edit, modify, or delete information.

We value your privacy and data security. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your organization's administrator for assistance. They are best equipped to address your specific needs as they pertain to the Services.

7. Cookie Policy 

At Effy AI, we use cookies to enhance your browsing experience on our Website. These tiny text files help us tailor our Services to your interests, ensure security, and analyze Website performance. Our cookies are also employed for personalized marketing efforts and better understanding user behavior. You have the option to manage your cookie preferences, but please note that certain features may not work correctly if cookies are disabled. 

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit a website. These files allow us to recognize your device and gather information about your interactions with our Website. Cookies are essential for improving user experience, enhancing security, and analyzing website performance.

Types of Cookies and Their Purposes

a. Marketing Cookies: Marketing cookies are used to track user activity across the Website. They enable us to display personalized advertisements and promotional content based on your interests and preferences. These cookies help us enhance the relevance of our marketing efforts to provide you with a more tailored browsing experience.

b. Authentication Cookies: Authentication cookies are crucial for ensuring the security and integrity of our Website. These cookies help us authenticate and validate your login sessions, ensuring that only authorized users have access to specific areas of our Website.

c. Security Cookies: Security cookies assist in safeguarding our Website and its users against potential security threats. They help detect and prevent malicious activities, protecting your data and ensuring a secure browsing experience.

d. Performance Cookies: Performance cookies are employed to collect anonymous data about how users interact with our Website. These cookies enable us to analyze user behavior, track page load times, and identify any technical issues that may affect your experience on the Website. This information is used to optimize our Website's performance and usability.

e. Analytics Cookies: Analytics cookies are used to gather statistical data about Website traffic and user behavior. This data is aggregated and anonymized, helping us understand how users navigate our Website, which pages are popular, and areas that may require improvement.

Third-Party Cookies

Our Website may also use cookies from third-party service providers, such as analytics and advertising partners. These third-party cookies are subject to the respective providers' privacy policies.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy periodically to reflect changes in our practices or for legal, regulatory, or operational reasons. Any significant changes will be notified through prominent notices on our Website.

8. Contact Us

Rest assured, we take the security and confidentiality of your information seriously. Our robust measures ensure that your data remains protected while using our Services. If you have any concerns or queries about our data collection and security practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Data Processing Officer by email Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.