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Customer Success
New Employee Probation Period
It allows the company to assess whether the new employee is a good fit for the organization's culture and values, and also align with expectations
Promotion or Role Change
Promotion reviews acknowledge and reward employees for their hard work, dedication, and contributions to the company
Formal Performance Review
Many companies conduct an initial performance review after an employee completes their probationary period, which is typically 3 to 6 months.
Major Project Milestones
It allows project stakeholders to assess how well the project is progressing and help identify any deviations from the initial plan to enable timely adjustments to keep the project on track.
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Ready-to-use templates and a vast question bank
Say goodbye to the hassle of creating review forms from scratch or struggling to find the right questions to review your team effectively. Our question bank offers a wide range of thoughtfully curated queries that evaluate an employee's strengths, weaknesses, and performance, resulting in more precise and insightful reviews.
Flexible reviewer nominations that ensure diversity
With Effy AI, you can collect reviews from different sources such as self, peer, manager, and subordinate evaluations. The platform goes even further by allowing employees to suggest particular peers and seek approval from their manager, giving them a voice in their reviews.
Reach the highest response rate on autopilot
Eliminate the need for manual follow-ups by establishing deadlines for response collection and allowing Effy AI to handle the rest. Reviewers and review administrators will be kept up to date and on track. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into the process via comprehensive statistical data visualization.
Get insightful AI-generated review reports for employees
AI-powered software, revolutionizes the review process, saving you hours of analyzing and summarizing review responses. Effy AI uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to carefully process reviewers' answers and generate comprehensive reports for each employee based on the review responses.
Submit your reviews and receive notifications in Slack
With our powerful Slack integration, you can now receive review notifications and fill in reviews directly within Slack. This feature ensures increased efficiency and engagement in your performance review process. You can also invite colleagues using Slack user lists, which makes working with Effy AI even more convenient.

What customers are saying…

Very easy process implementation. Useful chatbot. Fast implementation of new features.
Ivan Skripka,
Integration with Slack allows us to get valuable feedback from employees more often and more easily, which is great for everyone.
Anastasia Matveenko,
HR Partner at IntellectSoft
You can make a survey of any complexity and launch it for the whole company in 3 minutes. Ease of launching surveys for the entire company.
Anastasiia T.,
Marketing Specialist
Individual service and willingness to take into account all the needs of the customer, automatic reports, user-friendly interface.
Mariya P.,
Learning&Development Specialist
Effy helped us look at the possibilities of surveys for the development of the company from a different angle. It's a flexible tool that allows us to get the whole picture we've been piecing together for weeks
Alla Lotovskaya,
HR Director at Intellectsoft
It greatly simplifies life and many HR processes. It is also nice that the cost of the service won't cost you a fortune. I understand that when I made the decision to work with Effy, it was the right choice!
Yuri Kolomiets,
COO at Mornhouse
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