July 3, 2023
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Andrew Makhovskyi - CEO at Effy.ai

80 Best Performance Review Phrases for Dependability

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Employees crave feedback from their managers and peers. They want to receive constructive comments that fuel their development. That’s why it’s useful to have performance review phrases for dependability that help you craft the best employee feedback.

Let’s be honest – employees nowadays juggle multiple projects. As a manager, your responsibility is to praise exceptional performance; otherwise, you might lose high-performing workers. According to a Bonusly study, 46% of employees left their job because they felt unappreciated.

Providing feedback helps you retain employees. If you don’t know how to start, we’re here to help you. Go over our positive and negative phrases to make each evaluation worth your employee’s time.

Positive performance review phrases for dependability

Here are positive dependability performance review examples you can use:

  • A trustworthy employee the team can count on.
  • Approaches each project with a positive attitude and professionalism.
  • A very reliable employee who gets the job done.
  • Consistently demonstrates that they value and care for their job.
  • Known to be a very responsible person who you can entrust with complicated projects.
  • Develops creative solutions to solve issues.
  • Has a powerful drive to deliver results.
  • Consistently meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Incredibly responsive and ready to discuss assigned tasks at any given time.
  • Exhibits a great can-do attitude and an upbeat personality.
  • Inspires other team members to give their best.
  • Shows a readiness to change approaches and try something new to get the work done.
  • Delivered complex projects in a timely manner.
  • Always available to their colleagues and willing to answer their questions.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

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  • A patient person who never loses their temper and has a friendly disposition.
  • Connects with team members on a personal and business level.
  • Arrives on time for work and meetings.
  • Consistently delivers great results no matter the project they are on.
  • Doesn’t let any obstacles derail them and can manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • A reliable employee who sometimes works extra hours to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances.
  • Identifies the steps of each task to execute it efficiently.
  • Has an impressive creative mind that allows them to come up with ideas others might not see.
  • Retains a high level of personal integrity.
  • Always follows through on their promise.
  • Ready to tackle urgent tasks that most employees fear handling.
  • Builds an environment of trust and dependability with their fellow employees.
  • Consistently produces high-quality work.
  • Displays a commitment to meeting deadlines and achieving excellence.
  • Rises to the challenge to ensure a project’s completion.
  • Incredibly competent and requires no micromanagement.
  • Has outstanding networking skills that allow them to build connections with others.
  • Takes ownership of mistakes and always works hard to correct them.
  • Can get the job done even when they receive the most ambiguous instructions.
  • Volunteers to help colleagues that need support.
  • Contributes to projects with innovative ideas.
  • A diligent worker with an admirable work ethic.
  • Displays exemplary behavior that inspires other colleagues.
  • Delivers a consistent level of service to all clients.

Negative performance review phrases for dependability

Managers must also give a dependability performance review to an employee who needs improvement. Here are negative dependability phrases you can use in these cases:

  • Doesn’t take ownership of mistakes and often blames others.
  • Takes excessive breaks that affect everyone involved in a project.
  • Often becomes defensive when someone gives them feedback.
  • Displays a lack of team spirit.
  • Cannot be trusted to accomplish tasks with very tight deadlines.
  • Lacks commitment to company goals.
  • Has difficulty following task instructions.
  • Not able to prioritize tasks often and doesn’t ask for help.
  • Exhibits an inconsistent attitude with each new project, demonstrating motivation for one project but disinterest toward another.
  • Doesn’t think outside the box to develop creative solutions.
  • Lacks the drive to deliver results.
  • Often late for work and meetings.
  • Not a proactive person and needs encouragement from others to get the work done.
  • Lacks accuracy and consistency when completing tasks.
  • Has poor planning skills and isn’t able to anticipate potential issues.
  • Often fails to respond to emails and messages.
  • Appears indecisive when they need to solve problems.
  • Fails to communicate their concerns promptly.
  • Often forgets about urgent tasks.
  • Lacks the initiative to come up with innovative ideas.
  • Has difficulty delivering on their promises.
  • Doesn’t volunteer to help others even when they have time.
  • Isn’t able to work under pressure.
  • Often forgets important details related to tasks and projects.
  • Doesn’t follow through with the given tasks, which affects the entire workflow.
  • Struggles to manage more than one project at the same time, making their work inconsistent.
  • Struggles to handle sensitive information appropriately.
  • Often ignores our employee evaluation which prevents them from completing the tasks correctly.
  • Performs well in most situations but sometimes isn’t able to solve more complex issues.
  • Fails to notify managers on time when they’re late with task completions.
  • Works well in a team but needs to be more independent.
  • Can work on complex tasks but only when they have guidance from managers.
  • Often gets discouraged even when a minor issue arises.
  • Has the knowledge and skills to do their job but doesn’t have the drive to exceed expectations.
  • Sometimes their work needs frequent reviews and micromanagement.
  • Doesn’t show up for customer service training.
  • A pleasure to work with, but must work harder to become a strong performer.
  • Doesn't show initiative to improve the scores on the customer satisfaction surveys
  • Takes on too many tasks and then falls behind on them.
  • Frequently makes excuses for missed deadlines.

Make sure to adapt the above dependability phrases to your needs.


Having a reliable employee benefits managers and makes everything easier. Employees who are dependable and consistent make a positive impact on the company. You can help them improve with a dependability performance review.

However, we know how challenging it is to come up with effective feedback. You now have the right phrases that help you highlight an employee’s consistency, reliability, and commitment. By using these dependability performance review phrases, you can encourage your employees to become more reliable.


What is dependability performance?

A dependability performance review is an employee evaluation that assesses their reliability. It helps employers determine how consistently their employees deliver results and follow through on their promises.

How do you assess dependability?

You can assess dependability by conducting a dependability performance review. That review examines if an employee:

  • Comes to work on time
  • Delivers consistent work
  • Meets deadlines and expectations
  • Applies company policies to each task

What are the performance review phrases for accountability?

You can use some of the following performance review phrases for accountability:

  • Learns from mistakes and ensures they don’t repeat them.
  • Demonstrates a strong ability to handle and manage complex projects simultaneously.
  • Informs managers and team members when unable to meet a deadline or uphold a commitment.

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