July 4, 2023
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28 Teamwork Comments & Phrases for Performance Reviews to Build a Stronger Team

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Research conducted by AllVoices on State of Employee Feedback showed that 41% of employees quit because they didn’t feel listened to and another 37% quit because their company didn’t take feedback seriously. It highlights the need for better teamwork and meaningful feedback in the workplace. One way to achieve this is through teamwork phrases for employee performance reviews.

Building a thriving team environment is not just about hiring the right people to complete tasks but also about ensuring everyone works together effectively. Collaboration improves team morale, leading to better results and lower turnover rates.

This article will explore positive and negative teamwork phrases for your team members that can help build a more successful, robust, and dedicated team. So, let’s dive in! 

Positive teamwork phrases for performance reviews

Here are some examples of positive performance review phrases that can help you show appreciation for your colleagues:

  • “Your enthusiastic approach and positive attitude boost team morale. You can make even the most reluctant team members feel welcome.”
  • “Before completing tasks, you guarantee that each team member has an opportunity to voice their opinion. It helps us create an inclusive professional environment.”
  • “Your readiness to help others develop their technical skills helps the team meet deadlines for group projects.”
  • “You actively seek input from other members to improve strategies and provide innovative ideas, making you a team player.”
  • “One of your most important characteristics is trustworthiness and transparency. You promote an environment of open communication among your coworkers.”

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  • “You openly discuss project accomplishments with other employees and involve everyone, making you a valuable asset in building strong relationships.”
  • “When the team encounters a problem, you swiftly and easily identify and solve it. We are happy to have such a great problem solver on our team.”
  • “You unfailingly exhibit a positive outlook while handling a complaining customer, which boosts the group’s confidence.”
  • “You’re perceptive and intuitive. You quickly recognize tensions within the team and take appropriate action.”
  • “Your capacity to collaborate well with other team members, listen to them, and respect their ideas has always been excellent. You’re one of those team members that everyone wishes they had.”
  • “You offered clever and creative solutions that improved team procedures. We appreciate you taking the initiative to propose new approaches.”
  • “You have consistently shown a willingness to take on additional responsibilities to help others where needed. Your support has helped me handle customer complaints more effectively.”
  • “Thank you for being an active listener and always willing to lend an ear to your coworkers.”
  • “Your strong commitment and knack for bringing people together to create a positive team dynamic have encouraged a collaborative atmosphere in the company.”

Constructive teamwork phrases for performance reviews

While it’s essential to recognize and appreciate your team’s strengths, it is equally necessary to address areas of improvement constructively. Providing negative performance review phrases can be challenging but can help your team grow.

Here are some examples of how you can provide constructive criticism:

  • “You seem to talk over others in team meetings. While you have great ideas, you should also listen to others to create a collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinion.”
  • “Sometimes you don't share important information with your team members, causing delays and misunderstandings. You should improve communication by sharing regular updates with the whole team.”
  • “You find it hard to cooperate with the team after disagreeing on team tasks. It would be helpful to consider other people's ideas and accept that achieving results is more important than being right.”
  • “You are very independent, but in most projects, you tend to work alone and make all the decisions. Try to communicate more with the team and let go of the control, you can achieve more as a team.”
  • “You sometimes don't finish tasks in a timely manner, causing delays for others. It would be helpful to think about team members dependent on your work and deliver on time.”
  • “While you give feedback about your colleagues frequently, it would be best to focus more on the positive and make the feedback constructive instead of pointing out what you don't like, which only makes others defensive and more unwilling to change.”
  • “You are very knowledgeable but don't seem to share your knowledge with other team members. Sharing knowledge and supporting others will pay back and help you achieve more as a team."
  • “You are very kind but tend to take feedback personally, even when it's constructive. Try to see feedback as an opportunity to become better and not as an attack. We all value you and our feedback is about your performance, not about your worth as a person." 
  • “You tend to blame others for your performance. It is essential to be accountable for your actions and think about what you could have done differently."
  • “You tend to hold onto tasks and don’t delegate, leaving you with too much work and dissatisfaction. Let’s work together to identify tasks you can delegate and build trust.”
  • “Although you're a reliable team member, you seem easily discouraged by problems that arise, affecting team morale. You should try to change your perspective of problems and see them as opportunities to learn something new."
  • “I appreciate your swiftness, but sometimes your lack of attention to detail may hinder the team’s progress. It would be better not to rush through tasks or multitask but to pay attention to details.”
  • “Although you're a strong performer, you are not open to new approaches suggested by other team members. It would be great to be more flexible, which can make you even more efficient."
  • “You tend to avoid assignments that involve collaboration. Remember that working together can produce better results.”
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Providing positive and negative feedback is essential for building effective working relationships and a solid team. By recognizing and praising the strengths of your team members, you motivate them to continue performing well and complete complicated tasks well. And by pointing out areas of improvement, you help them grow and develop their skills further. We hope these performance appraisal phrases help you create a more collaborative work environment!

FAQs: Teamwork Skills Self-Appraisal Comments

How do you describe teamwork as an appraisal?

In a performance appraisal, teamwork is the ability of an individual to collaborate and communicate effectively with others to reach a common goal. It can include qualities and interpersonal skills such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Contribution toward team success
  • Willingness to listen and take feedback

What is an example of positive feedback for teamwork and team spirit in projects?

An example of positive feedback for someone with solid teamwork skills who consistently achieves goals could be:

“You have consistently shown a willingness to help your members and work toward group goals and team projects. Your excellent communication skills, high-quality work, and collaboration with others have contributed greatly to our team’s success.”

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