Jan 25, 2024
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5 Best Employee Survey Tools for Higher Engagement in 2024

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With the Great Resignation finally over, it would appear employers can rest without the fear of another quitting wave. Yet, a 2023 report shows that 34% of employees could be looking to change jobs in the next year. The same study highlights the importance of building trusting relationships and a better company culture to counteract this.

Admittedly, employees might not be willing to dump their work-related worries on their boss. That's where employee survey tools come in handy. They make measuring employee engagement and satisfaction easy, fast and reliable with options like anonymity, question templates, or data analysis (even for open answers!).

Let's take a look at the best employee engagement software that will make your company a pleasure to be a part of.

5 best employee survey tools & vendors: A detailed overview

Worker productivity dropped by 2.7% between 2022 and 2023, making it the lowest result in 75 years. There are many reasons for this, including low pay (40%), lack of respectful and supportive management (28%), and not being listened to (24%). 

Don't wait until your employees leave to find out what they need. Pick one of the feedback collection tools below to understand how to motivate your team to perform their best.


Employee Survey tools Trakstar

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Trakstar is a cloud-based employee engagement software that provides HR professionals and teams with various features to manage talent and improve workforce engagement. Its employee survey software module measures employee satisfaction and engagement with pre-designed questions and customizable survey templates.

With auto-scheduling, HR can send out questionnaires automatically and easily track employee feedback over time. It also works as a 360 feedback tool, allowing for a well-rounded assessment of individual and team performance.


  • Engagement module with pulse surveys, manager check-ins, and opinion polls
  • Insight into engagement scores, response rates, comments, and trends
  • Data segmentation and filtering by groups or periods, even in anonymous polls
  • Employee engagement reporting that allows the identification of engagement problems and their causes
  • Real-time employee feedback dashboard with instant access to results, scores, and comments
  • Visual, well-designed reporting views to help you drill down into data
  • Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and other communication tools


Trakstar doesn't show any pricing information on the website.

Customer feedback

Trakstar has a 4.5-star rating on Capterra based on 285 reviews.

Employee Survey tools review trakstar

Source: Capterra


Employee Survey tools Lattice

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Lattice is a platform that provides actionable insights into employee engagement, performance management, and development. You get science-backed templates for surveys that measure engagement and eNPS, as well as pulse surveys to gather real-time feedback.

This tool also enables scheduling 1-on-1 reviews and creating pre-meeting questionnaires. Managers can use it to review employee performance, set goals, and praise employees. HR teams can access analytics and reporting features.


  • Goal-setting capabilities for tracking progress and improving accountability
  • Analytics that give you valuable insights
  • Automated pulse surveys, eNPS, onboarding, and exit surveys
  • Research-backed templates and question bank
  • AI-powered data insights
  • Engagement and performance analytics
  • Collaborative action plans
  • Employee lifecycle tracking
  • Integrations with HR, internal communication, and productivity tools, as well as access to the Lattice API


Lattice offers separate pricing options for its different feature sets:

  • Performance management + OKRs and Goals: $11/person/month (or $8 if bought separately)
  • Engagement: $4/person/month
  • Grow: $4/person/month
  • Compensation: $6/person/month

Customer feedback

This employee development tool has a 4.5-star rating based on 119 reviews.

Employee Survey tools lattice review

Source: Capterra


Employee Survey tools leapsome

Source: Software Advice

Leapsome is a cloud-based talent management system that provides businesses with performance management tools, employee engagement surveys, and personalized learning and development solutions.

The platform gives access to a user-friendly survey builder for creating customized questionnaires quickly and easily. Track responses in real time, gain insights into employee engagement, and identify areas for improvement using Leapsome's analytics and reporting tools.


  • Research-backed question library, verified by experts and fully customizable
  • Post-survey action plans
  • Focus on various engagement drivers
  • Anonymous or identified surveys
  • Automated scheduling
  • Selective results sharing
  • Sentiment analysis based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology
  • Analytics that help you understand the relationship between performance and engagement
  • Turnover prediction
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Integrations with Workday, BambooHR, Personio, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, calendar apps, and more


Leapsome has a modular structure. You can buy these modules individually or in combination. There is a free 14-day trial, but no pricing information on the website.

Customer feedback

This software for collecting employee feedback has a 4.7-star rating based on 58 reviews.

Employee Survey tools leapsome

Source: Capterra


Employee Survey tools officevibe

Source: Mr. Free Tools

Workleap's Officevibe is a tool that lets you gather valuable insights from your employees through custom surveys and anonymous messaging. Analyzing this feedback enables you to identify trends and areas that require improvement. Use the survey responses to enhance employee engagement and promote a healthier work environment.

This employee survey tool offers various question types, including multiple-choice, rankings, or open-ended questions for more detailed information. The built-in anonymity feature allows your staff to share feedback comfortably and safely. Managers get instant notifications when the survey process is complete so they can respond quickly.


  • Automated pulse surveys for gathering frequent, anonymous employee feedback
  • Employee net promoter score
  • Recognition tools for praising employees on their achievements
  • Reporting and analytics that help you make informed decisions
  • Performance management with reviews, checkpoints, OKRs, and one-on-ones
  • Integrations with a wide range of tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, calendars, and Zapier


Officevibe has three pricing tiers:

  • Free forever
  • Essential: From $3.50/person/month
  • Pro: From $5/person/month

A performance management add-on is available but paid extra – $6/person/month.

Customer feedback

This employee satisfaction tool has a 4.6-star rating based on 51 reviews.

Employee Survey tools officevibe review

Source: Capterra


Employee Survey tools culture monkey

Source: Capterra

CultureMonkey is a platform that helps organizations improve their culture by engaging and motivating employees. It offers anonymous engagement surveys, like manager effectiveness, work-life balance, and mental health surveys.

The employee survey tool includes advanced analytics and AI functions for analyzing employee feedback data and providing real-time, actionable insights. The Manager dashboard helps leaders measure and improve their team's job satisfaction levels and focus on retaining top performers.


  • Hundreds of research-backed survey templates
  • Multi-lingual, customizable surveys
  • Employee life cycle module for tracking worker sentiment at every stage
  • Pulse survey tools
  • Employee engagement metrics with over 15 drivers
  • Powered by ChatGPT, enabling you to process survey data in minutes
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Integrations with business tools like Zoho People, Darwin Box, Keka HR, Workday, etc.


No pricing information is available for this employee engagement platform.

Customer feedback

This employee survey tool has a 4.7-star rating on G2 based on 55 reviews.

Employee Survey tools culture monkey review

Source: G2

Best employee survey tools & vendors: Comparison table

Platform Features Pricing Best for
Trakstar - Engagement module
- Reporting and analytics
- Data segmentation
- Real-time feedback dashboard
- Question bank
- Auto-scheduling
N/A Ease of use
Lattice - Goal-setting
- Automated surveys
- Templates and questions
- AI insights
- Action plans
- Analytics
- Employee lifecycle module
From $4/person/month Running multiple survey types
Leapsome - Question library
- Auto-scheduling
- Selective results sharing
- Smart sentiment analysis
- Industry benchmarks
- Turnover prediction
N/A Understanding sentiment and planning ahead
Officevibe - Pulse surveys and eNPS
- Employee recognition
- Anonymity options
- Performance management
- Reporting and analytics
Free plan available Employee interaction
CultureMonkey - Multi-lingual options
- Pulse surveys
- Customizable templates
- Employee lifecycle module
- Engagement metrics
- AI-powered analysis
N/A GPT-powered survey results analysis


Employee survey tools give you insights into your staff's engagement levels and show areas for improvement, facilitating open communication across hierarchy levels. If you act on the results, they improve your workplace culture, boost employee engagement, morale, and productivity, and help establish trust and transparency. 

Ultimately, it all leads to employee retention, which is particularly valuable in this economy. According to SHRM, the average cost per hire is roughly $4,700, but could even reach three or four times the worker's salary when you include soft costs.

Invest in a solid employee engagement survey vendor to lower turnover costs and make your company a pleasure to work at.


What is employee survey software?

Employee survey tools allow you to collect feedback from your team and measure their engagement and satisfaction. They usually include features that let you create surveys, distribute them, and analyze the collected data.

Why are employee survey tools important?

Giving your staff a voice empowers them, enhancing loyalty and retention. Automated, digitized employee engagement surveys are faster and easier to distribute. Reminders and notifications improve the fill-out rate. Ultimately, these tools give you all the information you need to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. 

What are the best employee surveys?

Some popular employee survey types include:

How do you survey an employee?

Use employee engagement survey vendors to simplify and automate the process. Select the questions you want to ask and send out the surveys for your team to fill in via email or any other communication channel.

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