Nov 1, 2023
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30+ 360 Feedback Examples for Peers & Managers by Skills

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Did you know that employees who receive great recognition are 20 times more likely to be engaged than those who don't receive it?

Regular feedback is not only essential for improving engagement and strengthening professional relationships. It also positively impacts employees’ performance and could even reduce employee turnover because it enables you to address issues before they escalate.

Many employees stated lack of opportunities for career advancement as the main reason for quitting a job, but guess what – 360-degree feedback is the best way to get a complete picture of an employee's strengths and weaknesses, which can help create a career advancement plan.

Gathering feedback is not an easy task because people often don't know what to say. That's why we've created this guide with both positive and negative 360 feedback examples for peers and managers to inspire you the next time you have to provide employee feedback.

360 feedback examples for peers and managers by skills

Here are some ideas to help you speed up the feedback process and complete those performance reviews on time.

We like to reframe negative feedback into constructive criticism. Yes, it's important to give honest feedback even about things you don't like, but if you want to keep an employee motivated, it's essential to provide actionable tips on how they can improve instead of criticizing them.

Keep reading to dive into 360-degree feedback examples.


360 feedback examples


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Your outstanding communication skills always shine brightly when you have to handle a challenging situation with a client. Your patience and empathy always lead to a mutual understanding and finding a win-win solution.
  • Your communication skills are starting to rub off on the whole team and create a harmonious environment. Your inclusive approach makes everyone feel valued, increases employee engagement, and creates a sense of belonging.

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • Your emails sometimes get a bit fuzzy, causing confusion among team members. We value your opinion, but we'd appreciate it if you could work on expressing yourself more clearly and making sure you're understood.
  • Your responses are sometimes delayed, causing hiccups for the team. We'd appreciate getting quicker and more proactive answers during work hours as it could speed up the work and increase everyone's productivity.


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Your innovative approach to designing our new marketing campaign demonstrated exceptional creativity. Your unique ideas not only brought new leads but also significantly boosted engagement and brand awareness.
  • Your creative solutions improved our user interface, which had a dramatic impact on user experience and satisfaction. The new version of our app received a lot of positive feedback, thanks to you!

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • Your designs are solid but could benefit from a more creative touch. I encourage you to explore new ideas and experiment with different styles until you find something that will make our brand stand out.
  • We believe our team-building activities could use a more creative spark. As an HR, could you try to think beyond traditional activities and come up with some fresh ideas that will boost employee engagement?

Attention to detail

Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Thank you for debugging the software code with such attention to detail. Your meticulous code reviews and thorough testing led to a bug-free product and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Your attention to detail when handling employee records and other administrative tasks has been impeccable. It ensures that all departments run smoothly and can focus solely on their job, knowing that our excellent HR manager has taken care of everything else.

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • We've noticed that our reports need more attention to detail. We'd appreciate it if you could review them more thoroughly from now on.
  • We've noticed some inconsistencies in our recent presentation slides. Could you please double-check in the future to ensure that the colors and fonts are uniform throughout the whole presentation?


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • You've shown exceptional problem-solving skills when resolving customer service issues on your own. Your analytical approach and unique ways to solve problems make sure all our customers are satisfied.
  • Thank you for the swift action in switching to another email marketing platform during the system bugs and coming up with a way to keep our subscribers. I know we can always count on your problem-solving skills, even in moments of crisis.

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • We'd appreciate it if you first tried to solve the minor issues on your own instead of seeking help immediately. This will not only stimulate your professional growth, but it'll also allow others to finish their own tasks effectively.
  • We encourage you to engage in individual problem-solving before our team meetings. We're sure you'll come up with some great ideas that can contribute to the development of our product.


360 feedback examples leadership


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Your leadership qualities are undeniable, and it's evident you're on the path to becoming a manager. Your effective communication skills and decision-making are setting a standard for everyone around you, even more experienced team members.
  • The recent crises have revealed your exceptional leadership skills. Having a clear vision and acting upon it inspired other team members to overcome challenges and achieve our targets despite going through a tough period. You're such an inspiration!

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • Instead of waiting for a group leader to make the final decision, you could be more proactive by trusting your instincts, taking initiative, and asking open-ended questions to identify areas where you could contribute without being asked to.
  • You should develop your potential when it comes to leading work groups. Don't be afraid to trust your own judgment and make decisions confidently. Even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, don't worry, as it's all a learning experience.


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Your collaborative spirit in sharing knowledge with new hires sets an example for the rest of the team. Your willingness to help has streamlined our onboarding process and enabled us to create a culture of mutual support.
  • The approach you have to resolving conflicts is commendable. Your active listening and tactful communication have helped to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and team bonding.

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • There's room for growth when it comes to collaboration and interpersonal skills. Consider actively engaging with other team members’ opinions and offering help when they need it.
  • Being an excellent team player is one of the central company values and an essential part of our organization's culture, so we'd appreciate it if you could work on fostering cooperation and teamwork instead of doing everything on your own.


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • We are so glad to have you as our new office manager! Your systematic approach to organizing paperwork has transformed our operations, streamlined our workflows, and created a lot of extra time for other team members.
  • Your excellent time management skills led us to complete the project ahead of schedule. Your meticulous planning and prioritization not only met but exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • We've noticed that you've been late almost every day recently, which could add negative points to your performance review. It's not too late to work on this, so let's agree to prioritize timeliness and punctuality from now on.
  • Disorganized documents negatively impact the performance levels of the whole team. Therefore, we'd urge you to label the files properly so everyone can easily find them.


Positive 360 feedback examples


Positive 360 feedback examples

  • Congratulations on surpassing our sales target! Your strategic approach, focus, and efficiency have been crucial for making the fourth quarter a financial success.
  • Great job in exceeding our marketing goal for growing our company page! Your efficiency and persistence to stick to the content schedule even when you had many things on your plate have significantly boosted our online presence.

Negative/constructive 360 feedback examples

  • I noticed you've fallen short of achieving your sales target for the last few months. I am here to assist employees in boosting their performance so if you're ready to work on your goals, I am here to support you.
  • It looks like you haven't completed the project on time. How about we sit down and talk about project and performance management and see whether you could do anything differently?


We hope that this article provided some important perspectives on improving employee performance either by praising them or providing constructive criticism.

360-degree feedback might be the best way to gather objective qualitative feedback, as it allows you to see employee performance from different angles.

You can use these 360 feedback examples for managers and peers as a template when creating your own performance review system in your company.

Just like with anything else, giving feedback is a skill that you and your employees can learn, so start practicing today!


What is an example of good 360 feedback?

The best 360 review feedback examples provide a well-rounded perspective of employee performance. They praise employees for their strengths and achievements and provide constructive feedback on core competencies or areas team members could improve.

How do you write a good 360 feedback?

Add specific examples highlighting the strengths and areas with room for employee development. Instead of criticizing, provide actionable feedback with insights on how to improve. If you're unsure what's good feedback, you can use performance management software to help you.

What is an example of 360 feedback for leaders?

360 review feedback examples for managers should include input from their peers, subordinates, direct reports, and supervisors. It should address various leadership skills, such as communication and decision-making, but don't be afraid to add some constructive criticism if necessary. People are often more comfortable when they can provide anonymous feedback to their leaders and supervisors.

What should I ask in 360 feedback?

Here are some questions to include in your 360-degree feedback form for each employee:

  • What are their key strengths?
  • In what areas could they improve?
  • What action could have the highest impact on this person's performance?

How to give 360 feedback to your boss examples?

If you are giving 360 feedback to your boss, keep in mind these aspects:

  1. Start on a positive note, meaning begin with positive feedback.
  2. Give concrete examples.
  3. Be as objective as possible.
  4. Plan the feedback and your comments in advance.
  5. Be empathetic to reviewees.
  6. Finish the feedback with an action plan on how you plan to address the issues discussed.
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