Sep 5, 2023
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Lattice Vs 15Five: Which is the Right One for You?

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After the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became much more prevalent, and the approach to management and feedback had to evolve. Many leaders have problems adapting to this new environment – the 2023 Global Culture Report highlights that 61% feel they have more responsibilities now than a few years ago.

In this new reality, software tools that help you optimize HR operations, improve productivity and engagement, and foster a healthy but performance-oriented company culture are no longer just recommended – they have become necessary. 

Lattice and 15Five are standout solutions in this market, offering solid employee engagement/performance optimization tools and the option to track goals and OKRs. There are, however, some key differences between them, so we came up with a detailed, side-by-side Lattice vs 15Five comparison to help determine which tool fits your company’s needs best!

What is Lattice?

What is Lattice?

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Lattice is a cloud-based people management and employee engagement software that allows managers to set and track goals, conduct performance reviews, collect ongoing feedback, and measure employee engagement. 

What is 15Five?

What is 15Five?

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15Five is an employee performance management solution that helps managers communicate effectively with their teams, align on goals, and celebrate successes thanks to employee recognition features (people can give each other “high fives”). The solution comprises four products: the core platform and the Perform, Engage, and Transform modules for performance/engagement optimization and management coaching.

Lattice vs 15Five: How they compare

Now that we’ve described both solutions, let's see how they compare regarding features, ease of use, integrations, pricing, and customer support. We also looked at user review scores for both solutions because we know their importance (95% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing something).


Lattice – key features mentioned on the website:

  • Performance: Performance reviews, Feedback, 1:1s, Praise, Updates
  • Compensation: Benchmarking, Cycle management
  • Analytics: DEIB analytics, Sentiment analysis, Adoption dashboard, Team analytics
  • OKRs & Goals: Setting OKRs, Goal tracking
  • Career Development: Competency matrices, Individual development plans, Career tracks, 1:1 integration
  • Engagement: Pulse surveys, Onboarding & exit, eNPS, Engagement surveys

15Five – key features mentioned on the website:

  • Core platform: Weekly check-ins, 1-on-1 agenda, Real-time feedback, Employee recognition
  • Engage: Employee engagement assessments
  • Perform: Performance reviews, Role clarity, Strengths discovery, Career vision, OKRs and goal setting and tracking
  • Transform: Customizable manager training & coaching, Coaching hub, Relevant and flexible

Both 15Five and Lattice offer practical employee growth and development features, such as real-time, continuous feedback and performance review tools, career paths, 1:1s, etc. Both also allow OKR and goal tracking and provide tools to facilitate employee recognition. 

Lattice is better for big companies. It provides much more robust analytics – lets you collect performance and engagement data and gain valuable insights to inform future decisions and strategies. It also offers onboarding/offboarding tools, which 15Five lacks. The latter platform has a slight advantage in a different area, offering more manager-oriented features, such as training & coaching or the coaching hub.

Finally, Lattice seems to put more emphasis on customization and flexibility – being able to fit the needs of companies as they grow. 

Ease of use

Both performance management systems are multi-module solutions that take a while to learn and a considerable time to master, but 15Five is a bit less complex and seems to have a more user-friendly interface.


Both platforms offer rich integration options, including well-known solutions like Slack, Atlassian Jira, Okta, etc. It’s hard to say which solution has the upper hand in this regard – it’ll depend on your existing tech infrastructure and needs. We advise you to do thorough research. You can find the necessary information in both tools’ help sections.

Integrations Lattice
Manage Integration 15Five


Lattice has four products/modules you can buy:

  • Engagement – $4/person/month, suitable for companies primarily interested in employee engagement optimization
  • Grow – $4/person/month, offers features useful for employee career development
  • Compensation – $6/person/month, offers tools for managing compensation and promotions
  • Performance Management + OKRs & Goals – $11/person/month, with features related to setting up and tracking goals and OKRs; you can also get Performance management or OKRs & Goals separately at $8/user/month
Pricing Lattice

15Five platform also comprises several products you can acquire through different subscription plans:

  • Engage – $4/user/month, includes engagement optimization features
  • Perform – $10/user/month, offers tools for performance optimization
  • Total platform – $16/user/month; you get everything in Engage and Perform plus the HR Outcomes Dashboard, Transform courses, etc.

Pricing 15Five

15Five also has another module – Transform, used for management coaching. It’s sold separately in two variants:

  • Transform – $99/manager/month, you get access to manager training courses, plus additional resources
  • Transform Accelerator – $220/manager/month, you get everything in Transform plus live coaching sessions
Transform Pricing

The solutions have different pricing models, so it’s difficult to compare their cost-effectiveness 1:1. Both companies ask the same price for their cheapest options. However, if we look at the most feature-packed plan, Lattice seems more affordable.

Customer support

Both companies offer a Help Center section and a chat widget on their websites. Moreover, both provide additional resources and materials on dedicated Lattice University and Content Library subpages.

In the case of 15Five, you can open a support ticket via mail. The customer support team works Monday-Friday, between 9 am-8 pm EST / 6 am-5 pm PT.

Lattice offers a similar level of customer support. You can submit a request via email and await their response.

However, the company doesn’t provide information about customer support work hours on the website, so 15Five has a slight advantage here.

User rating

Here are the average review scores for both platforms and the number of reviews they have on G2, Capterra, and Product Hunt.

Tool’s name Capterra G2 Product Hunt
Lattice 4.5 score / 110 reviews 4.7 score / 3709 reviews 4.8 score / 19 reviews
15Five 4.7 score / 881 reviews 4.6 score / 1757 reviews 4.6 / 9 reviews

As you can see, the platforms are very similar. Neither holds a clear advantage – if we averaged scores from these three platforms for both tools, the difference would be within the margin of error (4.66 for Lattice, 4.63 for 15Five). Lattice has a higher number of reviews – which impacts the overall trustworthiness.

Effy AI: Lattice and 15Five alternative

Effy AI: Lattice and 15Five alternative

Effy AI is a performance review tool that’s both powerful and extremely easy to use thanks to a well-designed, intuitive interface – signing up and launching your first review won’t take you more than two minutes, and using it just takes a couple of mouse clicks. It’s also very cost-effective, thanks to our pay-per-usage payment model.

Effy AI will help you simplify and optimize the feedback process. You can access over 20 expertly made, ready-to-use templates, making preparing for a performance review much more effortless. After each review, you’ll get an AI-generated summary and an individual employee development plan

Effy AI Feedback Lattice and 15Five alternative

Managers and team leaders can use Effy AI to store all the necessary information about their people, provide feedback, and record private notes, and even remind them of employees' birthdays. They’ll never miss a feedback meeting, thanks to automated reminders. You can also integrate our tool with Slack or Microsoft Teams, allowing your staff to send review forms to your employees via the communicator.

Effy AI is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses and – in general – companies that run a performance review once or twice a year. It helps facilitate feedback that puts everyone on the same page. That, in turn, allows you to align your entire team with your strategy and build a high-performance culture. 

Effy AI pricing

You can try Effy AI out for free and conduct up to five reviews before you need to pay us a single dime. Simply create an account and check it out!

After that, you have two options:

  • Pro plan – $540 for 30 reviews, 100 custom questions, Unlimited users and participants, Role-based access rights, Slack integration
  • Enterprise plan – customizable plan with access to the entire feature set; contact us for more details

Lattice vs 15Five vs Effy AI: Comparison table

Platform Features Pricing starts at Best for
Effy AI - AI-generated insights
- Science-based templates
- Participants selection
- Feedback in Slack/MS Teams
- Questions
Offers a free variant and a paid version starts at $540 for 30 reviews Small and medium-sized businesses
Lattice - Performance
- Compensation
- Analytics
- OKRs & Goals
- Grow
- Engagement
From $29 per month Companies with a diverse workforce
15Five - Engagement assessments
- Performance reviews
- Role clarity
- Strengths discovery
- Career vision
- OKRs and goals
- Real-time feedback tools
- Employee recognition
- Weekly check-ins
- 1-on-1s agenda
- Customizable manager training & coaching
- Coaching hub
Starts at $4/user/month Medium-sized businesses

Summary: Lattice vs 15Five

Lattice vs 15Five

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Lattice and 15Five are popular and effective performance management tools. Both have their strong and weak points. With its powerful analytics and additional HR-related features, Lattice is a better choice for big companies. 15Five is a bit less customizable and more limited, but it’ll serve the needs of small and medium-sized companies just fine. 

If you want true people management innovation, however, give our Effy AI a try. There’s a reason why machine learning is the talk of the town right now, with the market’s worth (CAGR) predicted to reach the $500 billion mark this year. Our product shows that AI algorithms can enhance and automate various aspects of people management, taking it to the next level. 

Don’t believe us? Register an account and try Effy AI for free to see for yourself!


Here are answers to some common questions regarding Lattice and 15Five.

What is the difference between 15Five and Lattice?

15Five and Lattice are software tools that enable managers and employees to improve their performance and engagement. Lattice is more oriented toward enterprises and provides powerful analytics and reporting options, which 15Five doesn’t have. It also seems to take some features further and allow deeper customization.

Why choose Lattice?

Lattice is a good performance management software for big companies needing a comprehensive platform with solid career growth, performance rating features, and analytics.

What are the disadvantages of Lattice?

The platform isn’t easy to use and can confuse new users. Some people mention there are too many options, and the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.

What’s Effy software?
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360 degree feedback
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Personal development plan
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AI generated insights & Analytics
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