Dec 15, 2022
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Best Spidergap Alternative to Try in 2024

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If you conduct 360-degree feedback regularly, you’re probably familiar with advanced tools like Spidergap - but have you considered a Spidergap alternative? 

You need reliable HR and performance management software to evaluate employee performance and build a high-performing workforce. While Spidergap provides many features to try, it can take time to manage some of the simple, basic processes. 

This is where a Spidergap alternative comes to play. In this article, we will take a closer look at Spidergap, determine why people use it, and investigate particular reasons making users look for a Spidergap alternative. 

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What is Spidergap? 

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Spidergap has been the market's frontrunner for several years now. In a nutshell, it is an online software for designing and adopting 360-degree feedback processes. It helps you identify areas in which employees need improvements.  

Typically, HR professionals use Spidergap as a part of learning management aspects. Performance reviews are turned into feedback and action plans to improve employee performance

Users indicate that the tool helps quickly collect employee feedback, serves as one of the strategic planning tools, and is excellent for devising personal development plans. 

However, there are some aspects of the platform that urge people to look for Spidergap alternatives.

Why do people look for Spidergap alternatives?

While Spidergap is a popular HR tool, it cannot be coined as a one-fits-all solution HR professionals would use in situations. There are Spidergap downsides users report which make people look for Spidergap alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Crude functionality

Users report having to use different workarounds to complete specific actions. For instance, if you want to resend a reminder to a single person, you cannot do that directly but need to find the automated email, copy-paste it into Gmail or Outlook, and send it. As a result, Spidergap's simplicity limits its functionality.

Lack of basic features

Another common complaint people have is no option to save a draft. Plus, the feedback visualization can be misleading. Finally, it can be hard to compare previous feedback to the one you conducted just now. All these missteps make users look for Spidergap alternatives with better features.


Spidergap doesn't have an option for keeping feedback results completely confidential. For feedback to be entirely unbiased, not a single person should see who offered feedback to whom. This is particularly important for compliance with U.S. confidentiality standards.

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Lastly, having no clear disposition of prices can be misleading. Customers prefer to see what they will pay for what services. In such a case, all the factors above make users look for Spidergap alternatives. - the best Spidergap alternative to try out in 2024

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While there are several Spidergap alternatives, one can argue is one of the best among them. Here is why. As a highly customizable HRM system, the company proved its worth and gained the trust of some major customers. 

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Moreover, Effy is going a long way in securing all employees' personal information while helping automate some important HR processes like absence, onboarding, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-ones. The reviews below prove is doing an excellent job in that. 

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Image source: is the best Spidergap alternative because it has the features Spidergap lacks. The platform is highly customizable, so you can easily tailor it based on your needs. Besides, has all the options needed for your drafts and processes to be saved and secured. Confidentiality and data protection are one of Effy’s priorities. Finally, the tool comes with transparent and affordable pricing.


For sure, some companies can use Spidergap and have good results. However, there are plenty of options that are more affordable and provide the same, if not better HR experience. With, you can be sure to have the best instrument available. Don't believe in words? Try Effy for yourself right now.

FAQ: Spidergap Alternatives & Competitors

What is the best Spidergap alternative?

Spidergap is an online performance management tool companies use to assess employee performance, boost employee engagement, and conduct 360-degree feedback. This instrument is good for managing individual and organizational performance and helps smooth any performance management process. Spidergap works as performance management to handle from 10 to 10,000 employees.

What does Spidergap do?

As a performance management and talent management software, Spidergap mainly focuses on 360-degree feedback. In addition, Spidergap can be used to schedule performance appraisals and get insights from performance reviews to build a high-performance culture and promote ongoing performance growth.

Why do you need a Spidergap alternative?

Companies look for Spidergap alternatives because this tool is not a panacea and has some distinct downsides. Instead, you need a performance management tool that allows you to conduct both simple and complex HR processes. That is why proves to be the best Spidergap alternative in 2024. 

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