Oct 4, 2023
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3 Google Forms Templates for Performance Management

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With Google Forms, you can simply insert your performance review questions, create forms, gather feedback, and get a standard output regarding employee performance evaluation.

You only need a Google account to access Google Forms, making it accessible to everyone. The tool has customization options that allow you to change font style, add a logo, and select colors. There are also Google Forms templates to help you launch a survey quickly.

Let's explore Google Forms templates you can use for performance management and alternative solutions.

3 Google Forms templates for performance reviews

According to one research, almost all organizations that participated (93%) said they had some performance management process in place. If you also plan to have it, one option is to collect feedback with tools like Google Forms.

When you access the tool, you’ll see numerous Google Forms templates, including:

  • Event registration Form template
  • Job application Form
  • Customer Feedback Forms
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Assessment
  • Course Evaluations
  • Order Form template

Let’s see which of these templates you can use and tailor.

Performance review template

1. Performance review Google Forms templates

Performance review Google Forms templates

Creating a Google Forms performance review template allows you to collect and analyze employee feedback. For the purpose of this review, you can use the templates called “Customer Feedback Form” or “Event Feedback Form.”

Each template is customizable. You can change:

  • Fonts
  • Header image
  • Color
  • Background

When you add your questions, use Google Forms settings to choose the answer type, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Linear scale
  • Checkbox grid

You can leverage these two forms for both employee and manager performance reviews. Use our performance review questions to help you.

2. 360 feedback Google Forms templates

360 feedback Google Forms templates

360-degree feedback is a method for reviewing an employee's performance from multiple perspectives. A good 360-degree feedback includes feedback from managers, supervisors, several peers and, in most cases, self-assessments.

Does Google Forms have a 360 feedback template? Although the tool doesn’t have this template per se, select the “Customer Feedback Form” from the template gallery once again and tailor it to your needs.

This Google Forms template includes some fields that could be useful for 360-degree feedback, including:

  • Feedback (long answer)
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Contact information (i.e., name and email) 

You can use our 360 feedback qestions to help you create your survey.

3. 90-day review Google Forms templates

90-day review Google Forms templates

With the 90-day review, you assess a new joiner’s experience after their first three months at the company. Go over the template gallery to select the form that best fits your needs for this review. We suggest using and tailoring the templates called “Assessment” or “Evaluation Form.”

With the advanced features available, choose the style of your survey and answer types. You can offer a multiple-choice question or ask the employee to leave a long answer text. Make sure to select “Required” to ensure you get the responses you need!

Businesses use Google Forms to collect data on employees’ performance. However, it’s not that easy to analyze the results after the data collection process with Google Forms. The reviewer must find the links to each form and go back and forth between them to draw a conclusion.

This is just one of the drawbacks of using Google Forms templates.

Drawbacks of using Google Forms for reviews

Here are five drawbacks of using Google Forms for performance reviews.

1. Time wasted and a higher chance of error

When conducting a 360 version of Google Forms, you must gather feedback on each employee from multiple sources. It means you’ll need to create a separate Google Form feedback for every reviewee. Over time, the number of such forms will pile up quickly. 

In addition, after completing the review, you'll have results in separate files, which need to be put together into a single folder or a Google Sheet. Doing all these actions requires a lot of time, increasing the risk of an error.

2. The issue with repetitive question

Working with Google Forms 360 review template means you should prepare a self-assessment questionnaire and solicit feedback from managers, supervisors, and employees. In other words - you need a distinct query for every source. 

For example, a self-assessment statement may sound: 'I don't always listen attentively or ensure I grasp everything my colleagues are saying correctly.'  Managers, supervisors, and colleagues, on the other hand, might reply: 'Doesn't always listen attentively and grasp others appropriately.'

Using different versions of the same questions will complicate things. When preparing a 360-degree performance review, you need to compare all the questions and make sure there are no mistakes. This makes the report more laborious and time-consuming.

3. Complicated report preparation process

Preparing reports is the most painful part of the 360-feedback review process. First, you need to compile all the responses into a single file such as Google Sheets. Second, you need to prepare dashboards and charts showing the key insights. Third, you need to send all of that to a reviewee and their manager/supervisor.

With Google Forms feedback, you will repeat the process above multiple times for each employee under review. Moreover, the report preparation might also include compiling analytics for the entire company or C-Level management. Overall, using feedback survey Google Forms for report preparation means doing a great deal of work.

4. Managerial burnout and declining response rate

Let's put ourselves in a manager's shoes. They need to offer feedback and assess employees, sometimes dozens of them. In the context of Google Forms feedback, a reviewer must search for all the links referencing each form. It is safe to say that handling the process takes a toll on the person doing the job.

As a result, a reviewer will spend a lot of time managing all the links. In addition, it leads to a response rate decline. Finally, handling the process above requires an additional degree of control, as well as multiple reminders. Getting this right is vital for developing a performance improvement plan later.

5. Challenges with a review history

Finally, when putting all the puzzle pieces together, you get an increasingly complex and repetitive process with Google Form feedback. In addition, after handling each individual review and presenting different questions, you need to do one last thing - save the review history.

Now it becomes tricky. In general, if a company conducts more than 100 performance reviews annually, the business needs to have a dedicated manager who will take care of the process. This means one more person on the payroll.

Performance Review

Effy AI: Google Forms alternative

Effy AI allows you to create surveys, get instant feedback, and automate the review process, which saves much time compared to Google Forms feedback. How does Effy AI achieve that?

  • The tool includes a library of templates. You can manage and customize it, add questions, and adjust various settings like multiple self-review features and score evaluation.
  • You'll have a clear picture of the entire process when running a performance report. It entails seeing who offered feedback and who abstained.
  • All the participants will see a complete list of forms that need to be filled out. They will also receive notifications and reminders via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.
  • After all the forms are filled out, the platform will automatically generate insight and analytics with multiple points of comparison.

To sum up, as a performance review software, Effy AI allows users to save time and do a 360-degree feedback review as easily as ever. All these lead to more accurate personnel evaluation and more effective people strategy development.

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What else does Effy have you will never get with Google Forms?

At this point, we know that using Google Form template presents major challenges. In addition, we've seen how Effy manages to make the review process seamless and simple. Yet, you get some additional benefits with this performance review software that Google Forms cannot offer.

  1. All the review-related data is stored in one place. It means Effy's users can access a needed review and manage user access at a moment's notice.
  2. Effy grants a full degree of automation with peer identification, form sending and participants' reminding.
  3. Effy comes with a review calendar showing when every participant needs to undergo a review process.
  4. Users get performance improvement plan templates within the same system, which is extremely convenient.
  5. Effy allows conducting one-on-ones and recording results to understand employee strengths.

All these aspects make the platform much more appealing than Google Forms. Keep in mind that while you don't pay money to use Google Forms, there is nothing that comes for free.


Google Forms templates serve as a starting point for your performance management process. However, you’d need to edit and customize each form, which takes valuable time. No Google Forms template includes all the information you need, nor does it help you analyze the feedback.

As you can see, Google Forms has major drawbacks that make reviewing data and reporting complicated, time-consuming, and laborious.

In turn, there are platforms like Effy AI. This tool has all that Google Forms review lacks and focuses on providing the most seamless reviewing and reporting process possible. With Effy AI, you get an all-in-one solution with free templates and automation as the primary force.

Ready to try it for yourself? Sign up right now.


Are there templates for Google Forms?

Yes, there are Google Forms templates. You can choose from categories ranging from “Work” to “Education.”

Where can I find Google Form templates?

Go to Google Drive and click on Google Forms. The tool lists the templates at the top.

Can Google Forms be customized?

Yes, you can customize all Google Forms templates. You can change the font, colors, background, and answer type.

How do I create a professional Google Form?

To create a professional Google Form, follow these steps:

  • Design the header image or use your company’s logo
  • Break the survey into sections
  • Select colors and fonts that reflect your brand’s visual identity
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