Nov 30, 2023
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6 Leadership Assessment Tools & Tests to Inspire Growth

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According to a recent Gartner survey, only 29% of surveyed employees said their manager embodies human leadership. This statistic shows how crucial it is to evaluate leadership style within your company. To cultivate effective leadership and develop better business strategies, many organizations are trying leadership assessment tools.

These platforms evaluate a leader’s capabilities and skills. They use different methods like 360-degree feedback, peer reviews, and self-assessment to get multiple perspectives on an individual.

Let's explore six leadership assessment tools and tests that identify a leader’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Leadership assessment tools & tests to try

One of your top priorities should be further developing your leadership because they are the backbone of your organization and an example to others. Leveraging a leadership assessment test can help you drive success within your organization. Here are the key tools that provide insights into leadership style.

Effy AI 360-degree leadership assessment

Effy AI 360-degree leadership assessment tool

Effy AI is a user-friendly and fast performance management software tool that can help you assess your leaders and frontline managers. Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, you can use the tool to run performance reviews and 360-degre feedback.

Whoever thought conducting a performance review wasn’t easy hasn’t tried Effy AI. Our tool comes with ready-to-use templates. From 360 reviews to 90-day reviews, the templates cover various types.

Use Effy AI to learn more about leaders' soft skills and weaknesses from other leaders or their direct reports. Our 360-degree leadership assessment gives you a more complete picture of the leader. Based on the personalized feedback, you can create a development plan for the manager to ensure they improve their leadership abilities.

This leadership assessment tool also:

  • Creates AI-generated reports so you don’t have to. Our reports include the main strengths, improvement areas, and an action plan. 
  • Integrates with Slack. Your team members can leave reviews directly in Slack.
  • Automates reminders. With this powerful tool, you’ll get the highest response rate.
  • Builds a high-performance culture to introduce positive changes within your leadership circle.

If you’re ready to inspire growth among your managers, here are the Effy AI pricing plans:

  • Free – unlimited review, unlimited members, free templates, Slack integration.
  • Pro – $75/month (billed annually). 30 AI reports included, unlimited members, free templates, Slack integration.

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Truity DISC assessment

Truity DISC assessment

Image source: Truity website

Aside from investing in a 360-feedack tool, you can also explore a leadership assessment test like the DISC assessment. This personality assessment analyzes your team members’ personalities and leadership styles.

One DISC assessment tool you can explore is Truity. This test measures interpersonal behavior at work based on four personality styles:

  • Drive – to determine if they take charge in their leadership role
  • Influence – to determine if a leader interacts well with people and can persuade them
  • Support – to understand if they assist others and show kindness
  • Clarity – to see if they provide quality work, are detail-oriented, and systematic

The leaders answer a series of questions during the test and then receive a personalized profile showing their dominant and secondary personality traits. That helps them minimize their blind spots and leverage their own strengths.

Truity offers test credits. For instance, if you want to purchase one test credit, the price is $29. The more test credits you buy, the lower the cost per test will be.

There are other options for the DISC assessment besides Truity. Explore the market and find the one that works for your company and employees.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Image source: MBTI Online website

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality assessment tool that identifies a person’s strengths, preferences, and personality type. This assessment test evaluates people’s preferences based on these categories:

  • Introversion vs Extraversion – It aims to understand how leaders interact with the outside world, i.e., with their work peers.
  • Sensing vs Intuition – This scale determines how the leader likes to take in information.
  • Thinking vs Feeling – It reveals how the leader makes decisions. They might prioritize logic or their gut.
  • Judging vs Perceiving – The last category is all about how the leader approaches the outside world.

When the leaders complete the MBTI, you get various insights about them, including their:

  • Leadership styles
  • Communication strategies
  • Approach to conflicts
  • Decision-making process

There are many MBTI tools that can help people grow in their leadership positions. One option is MBTI Online. The leaders submit their answers to various questions and receive personality data analyzed by research psychologists.

For extensive insights, the price per test is $59.95. The paid version also offers:

  • Short courses for further development
  • Comparison tools
  • MBTI type verification

Saville assessment

Leadership assessment Saville

Image source: Saville Assessment website

A Saville assessment test comes in many forms, depending on what you want to measure. You can use it in pre-employment screening or for leadership assessments to determine training needs.

The leadership assessments focus on various aspects of personality, including emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities. To delve into behavior patterns and competencies, leverage the Saville Wave.

Wave has a series of personality questionnaires to identify how people work and behave in professional environments. Those in leadership roles answer questions about their work-related behaviors to gather data about their:

  • Strengths
  • Professional development needs
  • Overall behavior style

You can also use its lead talent assessment solution to:

  • Identify leadership potential
  • Spot the risks some leaders can bring to your organization
  • Run a 360-degree feedback to gather feedback from key stakeholders
  • Develop emerging leaders through training sessions

The pricing is available upon request and depends on the assessments you want to conduct.

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths

Leadership assesment Gallup CliftonStrengths

Image source: Gallup website

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths, formerly known as StrengthsFinder, helps you identify and understand your leader’s unique strengths and talents. Instead of focusing on weaknesses, this leadership assessment test prioritizes one’s competencies that can enhance professional success.

CliftonStrengths has 34 talent themes that explain how the leader thinks, feels, and behaves. These themes include categories like Achiever, Learner, Includer, and Maximizer, among others.

After completing the assessment, leaders receive personalized and in-depth reports on their strengths. The reports tell them how to make the most of their strongest attributes at work.

This leadership assessment test costs $59.99.

Leadership Circle

Leadership Assessment Tools Leadership Circle

Image source: Leadership Circle website

Leadership Circle offers comprehensive leadership assessments. It uses 360 reviews to gather feedback from peers, team members, bosses, and associates. Their comments shed light on a leader’s:

  • Leadership skills
  • Overall effectiveness
  • Attitudes
  • Other leadership competencies

After the assessments, the leader receives a Leadership Circle Profile. This is a visual representation of their creative competencies, reactive tendencies, task-oriented behaviors, and relationships.

They also receive a leadership development plan. It focuses on their strengths, skills, and areas for improvement.

The pricing for this leadership development tool depends on the company’s needs, but you have to contact the company for more information. 

Best leadership assessment tools & tests: Comparison table

Platform Features Pricing Best for
Effy AI - AI-generated summaries
- 360-degree feedback
- Customizable templates
- Slack integration
- Anonymization and access level management
- Automated regular reminders
Free plan available Small and medium-sized businesses that want to run 360 performance reviews
Truity - Online assessments
- DISC model
- Comprehensive reports
$29 for one test credit Leaders that want an overview of their DISC personality type
MBTI - Online or paper-based tests
- Personalized reports
- Result interpretation
$59.95 per test Leaders that want to learn more about their personality type by taking the MBTI assessment
Saville - Aptitude tests
- Integrated feedback reports
- Certification programs
Available upon request Companies that want to conduct personality assessments for better hiring and development outcomes
StrengthsFinder - Online assessment
- Strength-based approach
- Individual development suggestions
$59.99 per test Leaders who want to leverage their existing strengths
Leadership Circle - 360-degree feedback
- Leadership Circle Profile
- Development plan
Available upon request Companies that want to uncover their leaders’ underlying beliefs to facilitate change


Leadership assessments provide valuable insights into your managers’ emotional intelligence, behavioral styles and leadership competencies, helping you develop them.

The assessments enable leaders to capitalize on their strengths and foster more meaningful relationships at work. However, they are only part of a broader leadership development strategy. Your organization must prioritize continuous learning and feedback loops after completing the assessments.

Effy AI can help you throughout the performance management cycle by creating a seamless reporting and reviewing process. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your leaders and start developing them with Effy AI!

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What is an example of a leadership assessment tool?

There are many tools that can help you conduct leadership assessments. One example is Effy AI. It’s a performance review software tool that includes pre-made templates and AI-generated reports to help you save time.

How do I assess my leadership skills?

You should explore different leadership assessments. They include personality questionnaires that identify your strengths, weaknesses, and traits.

What is a 360 assessment for leadership?

This assessment collects feedback about leaders’ performance from their peers, colleagues, and managers. It offers a 360-degree view of the leader's competencies and opportunities for growth.

What is the best 360-degree assessment for leadership?

It depends on various factors, such as your company’s specific needs and desired features. We suggest you explore the available options to check their pricing and features. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

What’s Effy software?
Performance review
Easily launch review cycles in your way, track progress.
360 degree feedback
Collect feedback from peers and managers. Identify strength and improvements areas.
Choose templates that are right for you. Start review process in 15 min.
Collaborate effectively with team meeting agenda, action items and meeting notes
Personal development plan
Develop your people by providing them an explicit plan to the next level. Track goals progression.
AI generated insights & Analytics
AI will generate an extended summary for every employee, including top strength, areas to improve and action plan.
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