Nov 15, 2023
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5 Best Workforce Management Software for a More Efficient Team

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Imagine trying to manage the workforce for a global business without proper tools. It would quickly become a nightmare of hidden costs, untrackable attendance, and general chaos that ensues whenever people try to handle too many things simultaneously.

Thankfully, no company has to go through this scenario – at least not anymore. Workforce management software has become the norm in recent years, finding widespread adoption across various industries. In this article, we’ll look at the five best options to consider in this software category.

What is workforce management software?

WFM solutions help companies automate all processes related to workforce management. This includes:

  • HR management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Task allocation
  • Performance monitoring

Using a digital tool for all this makes it easier and more efficient, with functionally centralized data and streamlined operations.

What are the benefits of enterprise workforce management software tools?

The main advantages that come from using workforce management software include:

  • Automatic attendance tracking
  • Improved productivity and engagement
  • Better safety regulations compliance
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Actionable business insights
  • Fewer errors
  • Decreased staffing expenses

How to choose the best workforce management software

Here are some key questions to ask yourself that will help you decide on the best workforce management software:

  • Does the software address your specific workforce management needs, such as scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and task allocation?
  • What features does it have for optimizing workforce efficiency?
  • Is the tool scalable to accommodate our organization's growth in terms of workforce size and changing business needs?
  • Does the program provide a positive user experience?
  • Can you easily set it up and integrate it with your existing HR, payroll, and other relevant systems?
  • Are other users happy with its functionalities?
  • Does the pricing fit your budget, and is it adequate for the available features?
  • What reporting and analytics capabilities does the software provide?

5 best workforce management software: A detailed overview

Here are the five best workforce management tools to consider in 2023.

Effy AI

effy workforce management software

Effy AI is a 360 feedback tool that can help you manage performance in your company. It allows you to organize the personal information of your team members, run 360-degree feedback, assess employees, conduct performance reviews, etc. It’s also a highly customizable tool, easy to fit your specific business needs. 

Key features

  • Great analytics – Optimize talent management thanks to in-depth analytical data (heatmaps, etc.).
  • AI-generated insights – Use AI algorithms to generate data-driven insights to inform decisions.
  • Ready-to-use templates – Access a vast bank of ready-made, curated questions and many useful questionnaire templates.
  • Flexible reviewer nominations – Collect reviews from different evaluations – self, peer, subordinate, manager. Employees can also suggest particular peers and request manager approval.
  • Autopilot – Eliminate manual follow-ups by setting deadlines and automating response collection. 
  • Feedback in communicators – Receive notifications and access the review process directly in company communicators.
  • Customization options – You can customize our question templates however you like.


You can connect Effy AI performance review software to an HRIS (Human Resources Integration System). The tool also integrates with Slack.


Effy AI has the following pricing options:

  • Free – unlimited review, unlimited members, free templates, Slack integration.
  • Pro – $75/month (billed annually). 30 AI reports included, unlimited members, free templates, Slack integration.
Effy AI Pricing

Customer feedback

Effy AI has a 4.9 score on both G2 and Capterra. Users like the ease of use, but some complain that the product is new and may still lack some features.

effy Workforce Management Software review

Image source: Capterra


Rippling Workforce Management Software

Image source: Capterra

Rippling is a web-based platform that allows companies to manage their workforce. It helps organize payrolls, expenses, benefits, and IT systems (applications, devices, etc.). Businesses can also use the tool to streamline and automate some tasks (handling data, onboarding, etc.). 

Key features

  • Recruiting – Rippling helps with sourcing and hiring new people, as well as onboarding them.
  • Benefits/payroll management – Manage benefits and payments for your company’s employees.
  • Expense planning – Plan, review, approve, and reimburse employee expenses.
  • Time & attendance tracking – Track and approve employee attendance.
  • Headcount planning – Align the company on hiring and compensation.
  • Pulse – Send surveys to keep a finger on employee sentiments and company atmosphere.
  • Device/app management – Manage apps and devices used within the organization.


Rippling integrates with various useful tools and technologies, including Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, Github, Google Workspace, etc.


Several products together form the Rippling platform. You need to buy each separately, and the company doesn’t disclose the exact price (we only know that pricing starts at $8/user/month).

Rippling Price Workforce Management Software

Customer feedback

Rippling has a 4.8 rating on G2 and a slightly higher 4.9 score on Capterra. Users compliment the tool’s ease of use but complain about customer support.

Rippling Review Workforce Management Software

Image source: Capterra


BambooHR Workforce Management Software

Image source: Capterra

BambooHR is a comprehensive workforce management solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their employees – it helps with onboarding, payrolls, performance optimization, time-tracking, etc. 

Key features

  • HR data & reporting – Manage data, collect insights, and automate some of the manual actions. 
  • Hiring & onboarding – Find and track interesting applicants, manage on- and offboarding of employees.
  • Payroll, time & benefits administration – Track work hours and manage employee benefits and compensation. 
  • Employee experience & performance – Track essential employee experience and performance data and collect valuable feedback.
  • Integration marketplace – Use the BambooHR integration marketplace to customize the platform to your liking.


BambooHR has an integration marketplace, thanks to which it offers various integration options, including tools like Slack, Deel, Lattice, Okta, 15Five, WorkTango, etc.


BambooHR has two pricing plans – Essentials and Advantage – but doesn’t specify pricing details for either of them.

BambooHR Pricing Workforce Management Software

Customer feedback

BambooHR has a 4.5 rating on G2 and a 4.6 score on Capterra. Users like the price (especially considering the value on offer) and some features (like the central hub) but criticize the tool for bugs and limitations.

BambooHR Review Workforce Management Software

Image source: Capterra

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Deel Workforce Management Software

Image source: G2

Deel is a platform that helps hire workers in over 150 countries worldwide and efficiently manage their payrolls and benefits. The tool lets you create contracts that comply with local laws and tax regulations and offers various performance management features.

Key features

  • Everything in one place – Manage payrolls, costs, and HR in one place, reduce onboarding times, and eliminate errors.
  • Compliant payrolls – Automate payments for employees, EORs and contractors worldwide per local labor laws.
  • Hiring tools – Find and hire employees and contractors worldwide with ease. Lower recruitment costs thanks to referrals.
  • Onboarding – Easily onboard new hires, no matter their country of origin.
  • Reporting options – Get data regarding costs, headcount, payrolls, etc. Visualize it in a dashboard or create reports you can share outside.
  • Payments and benefits – Manage benefits for teams in the USA and payrolls for employees in 100 countries.
  • Team building – Build connections between your team members using tools such as meetups and channels people can use to discuss their hobbies.
  • Surveys – Run pulse surveys to collect feedback and evaluate team culture.
  • One-on-ones Optimize 1-on-1 interviews with a feedback plugin and well-crafted documentation.


Deel integrates with tools like NetSuite, QuickBooks, BambooHR, Xero, Greenhouse, Ashby, Bob, and more. The platform also provides an API. 


Deel has five pricing plans. Each serves a slightly different purpose:

  • EOR – $599/month. The full-featured package.
  • Contractors – $49/month. Helps with contractors and payment management. 
  • Global Payroll – Custom pricing. Designed for multi-country payroll management.
  • Deel HR – Free. Helps optimize various HR processes through automation.
  • Immigration – Custom pricing. Deel will handle immigration procedures (visas, etc.) for you in 25 countries.
Deel Pricing Workforce Management Software

Customer feedback

Deel has a 4.7 rating on both G2 and Capterra. Users praise the customer service and well-designed interface but criticize bugs and lack of customization options in some areas.

Deel Review Workforce Management Software

Image source: Capterra


HROne Workforce Management Software

Image source: G2

HROne is a cloud-based workforce management system that helps companies streamline their HR and business processes and optimize employee performance. It enables users to manage employee data, payroll, benefits, attendance, performance, recruitment, and more from a single platform.

Key features

  • Core HR functions – Configure the software as you see fit, using the core functionality and custom modules.
  • Recruitment – Hire people faster and find better candidates.
  • Workforce – Conduct strategic workforce planning and manage various aspects of the employee experience throughout their life cycle within the company.
  • Attendance – Track time and deal with absence management.
  • Payroll – Process payments automatically.
  • Expense – Manage various employee expenses easily.
  • Performance – Track and optimize employee performance.
  • Engagement – Build the team and improve employee engagement across the organization.
  • Asset – Keep track of company assets and manage them via a user-friendly system.
  • Helpdesk – Let employees create tickets for various issues and resolve them.


HROne integrates with over 20 solutions, including E-Kyc, LDAP, Zillion, PinePerks, Okta, G-Suite, and Office 365.


HROne offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic – ₹85/user/month (the website shows prices in Indian rupee – at the time of writing, it’s around $1.02). Access the core HR, time office, payroll, reports, and dashboards features, along with a mobile app.
  • Professional – ₹115/user/month ($1.38). Get everything in the Basic plan, Workforce management features, and digital acknowledgment of letters/policies.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing. Access the entire feature set.
HROne Price Workforce Management Software

Customer feedback

HROne has a 4.7 score on G2 and a 4.3 rating on Capterra. Users like the price, UI, and essential features but complain about bugs and customer service.

HROne Review Workforce Management Software

Image source: G2

Best workforce management solutions & software: Comparison table

Platform Features Pricing Best for
Effy AI Great analytics
AI-generated insights
Ready-to-use templates
Flexible reviewer nominations
Feedback in communicators
Customization options
Free plan available Small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their performance management
Rippling Recruiting
Benefits/payroll management
Expense planning
Time & attendance tracking
Headcount planningt
Device/app management
$8/user/month Companies of various sizes, especially UK-based
BambooHR HR data & reporting
Hiring & onboarding
Payroll, time & benefits administration
Employee experience & performance
Integration marketplace
No information Small and medium-sized businesses
Deel Everything in one place
Compliant payrolls
Hiring tools
Reporting options
Payments and benefits
Team building
Free Multi-national companies or businesses that hire worldwide
HROne Core HR
$1.02/user/month Companies that want a decent service at a low price


Workforce Management Software

Image source: Pexels

There’s no denying that proper workforce management is the key to success for a business. Investing in good tools is probably one of the best things you can do to optimize this area of your operations. Our Effy AI may be just the thing you’re looking for. It’ll allow you to store important information in one place, automate key workflows, and manage the feedback process effortlessly. Want to check it out? Create a free account right now


Here are answers to some common questions regarding people management software.

What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software is a type of software that helps businesses optimize their human resources. Automating and streamlining various processes thanks to such a system can improve employee productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. It can be very advantageous to productivity and efficiency, especially when coupled with good project management software.

What are the five core functions of workforce management software?

A workforce management solution can help with employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll, performance management, and compliance, among other things. However, platforms offer various functionalities, so choose the right workforce management software for your business. 

Does Workday have a workforce management tool?

Yes, Workday offers payment and employee management software.

What’s Effy software?
Performance review
Easily launch review cycles in your way, track progress.
360 degree feedback
Collect feedback from peers and managers. Identify strength and improvements areas.
Choose templates that are right for you. Start review process in 15 min.
Collaborate effectively with team meeting agenda, action items and meeting notes
Personal development plan
Develop your people by providing them an explicit plan to the next level. Track goals progression.
AI generated insights & Analytics
AI will generate an extended summary for every employee, including top strength, areas to improve and action plan.
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