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Goal-tracking Software: Top 5 Tools for Your Team

In this article:
  1. Lattice
  2. 15Five
  3. Trakstar
  4. Engagedly
  5. Profit.co
  6. Choosing the best goal-tracking software: Comparison table
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Every company needs common objectives and values to grow effectively, but aligning these goals can be a nightmare. Various departments and teams have different priorities and approaches, and the bigger the business grows, the harder it is to organize its operations in an optimized, cohesive way. At a certain point, specialized goal-tracking software becomes a necessity. In this article, we’ll review some of the best tools you can currently find on the market.

5 best goal-tracking software: A detailed overview

Here are the five best goal-tracking software tools to consider in 2024.


goal-tracking software lattice

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Lattice is a holistic, human-centric people management software that helps companies optimize performance, engagement, and feedback processes. The tool allows managers and employees to set goals, track progress, share feedback, and celebrate achievements. It also provides insights and analytics to help leaders understand their teams' and organizations' health and performance.


  • OKRs & goals – Find common objectives for your teams to help people align, and use OKRs to track goal progress.
  • Engagement – Track employee engagement and keep a finger on the needs and concerns of your people.
  • Performance – Provide feedback via reviews and 1:1 meetings, offer praise, and optimize team performance.
  • Compensation – Make informed compensation decisions and reward people who excel at their tasks.
  • Grow – Give your managers tools to help them develop and grow team skills.
  • Analytics – Access team and sentiment analytics and use DEIB insights.


Lattice offers the following plans/products:

  • Performance Management + OKRs & Goals – $11/member/month. Access performance management features and tools for setting OKRs and tracking progress.
  • Engagement – $4/member/month. Use employee engagement features.
  • Grow – $4/person/month. Optimize the career development process.
  • Compensation – $6/person/month. Access compensation management features.
goal-tracking software lattice price

Customer reviews

Lattice has a 4.4 score on Capterra and a 4.7 rating on G2. Reviews praise the goal-tracking and review functionalities, but many complain about user-friendliness and technical issues.

goal-tracking software lattice review

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goal-tracking software 15five

15Five is an employee management software platform that helps managers and team members communicate effectively and align their goals. It provides various employee and performance management tools in one easy-to-use package.

See also: Lattice vs 15Five comparison


  • OKRs and goals – Define goals and OKRs and track progress to improve cooperation within the team.
  • Engagement assessments – Create assessments that allow you to identify key issues and optimize retention.
  • Performance reviews – Optimize your feedback process by setting up review cycles and standardizing various areas.
  • Role clarity – Define roles clearly and help employees grow. 
  • Strengths discovery – Give employees tools to discover new strengths and help them align values with everyday tasks.
  • Career vision – Allow managers to build well-planned career paths for their team members.
  • 1-on-1s agenda – Plan and structure 1:1 meetings thanks to well-organized agendas.
  • Weekly check-ins – Run weekly check-ins to keep a finger on the pulse.
  • Employee recognition – Offer your employees tools to recognize their co-workers’ efforts.
  • Real-time feedback – Easily offer feedback in real time.
  • Coaching hub – Plan coaching sessions for your staff and track their progress.
  • Customizable manager training & coaching – Make identifying weak and strong skill areas easier and help people learn.


15Five offers four plans:

  • Engage – $4/user/month. Access engagement surveys and insights.
  • Perform – $10/user/month. Employee performance management system.
  • Total platform – $16/user/month. Engage and Perform features, plus some bonus features (Transform Courses, HR Outcomes Dashboard, etc.). 
  • Transform – $99/month. Training and coaching features.

The abovementioned sums are billed annually. 

goal-tracking software 15five price

Customer reviews

15Five has a 4.6 rating on G2 and a 4.8 score on Capterra. Users like the quality of customer service but criticize the interface, bugs, and the onboarding process. 

goal-tracking software revew

Image source: Capterra


goal-tracking software Trakstar

Image source: Capterra

Trakstar is a cloud-based talent management system with goal-tracking capabilities. It offers a smart, automated feedback system, an intuitive dashboard that displays real-time employee data, and a flexible and customizable rating scale for performance evaluation. You can also integrate it with various HR tools and systems.


  • Goal setting and tracking – Set SMART goals for your employees and track their progress effectively.  
  • Performance reviews – Align goals with objectives and efficiently conduct performance reviews to optimize operations and meet KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • 360-degree feedback – Give employees tools to assess each other to minimize bias and understand them better.
  • Engagement surveys – Send surveys to your employees to measure engagement levels.
  • Learning management system – Run online courses, track progress, and offer leaderboards.
  • Detailed reporting – Gather information and use actionable engagement and performance insights.
  • Upskilling – Allow your people to improve their skills and find new talents.
  • Course creation – Share knowledge easily by running online courses for employees.
  • Benchmarking – See how your talent and assessment data compare to your competition.
  • Recruitment tools – Schedule meetings, track applicant recruitment, post job offers quickly, manage candidate experience, etc.


The company doesn’t mention pricing details on the website.

Customer reviews

Trakstar has a 4.5 score on Capterra and a 4.3 score on G2. People like the feature set but complain about the interface and glitches.

goal-tracking software Trakstar review

Image source: G2


goal-tracking software Engagedly

Image source: Capterra

Engagedly is a cloud-based employee performance management system. It enables managers and their team members to set and track goals, provide feedback, run surveys and pulse polls, recognize achievements, and foster collaboration. 


  • Performance reviews – Evaluate employee work results and improve alignment between performance and goals.
  • OKR/Goal alignment – Align the objectives of your organization with those of individual employees better.
  • Skill assessment & talent mobility – Ensure proper alignment between skills and tasks.
  • Advanced talent analytics & CXO insights – Understand talent structure within the company to provide training where needed.
  • Real-time feedback – Offer feedback and recognition for efforts easily and instantly.
  • Online learning (LXP) – Promote personal and professional growth and learning within the company.
  • Growth hub IDP – Help your people bridge the gap between development plans and aspirations.
  • 360-degree feedback & multi-rater – Identify your teams’ strengths and weaknesses thanks to 360-degree feedback.
  • Mentoring & coaching – Use mentoring and coaching programs to help your people grow.
  • Remote work collaboration – Facilitate collaboration thanks to real-time communication, knowledge sharing, recognition, etc.
  • Custom rewards – Recognize and reward important contributions.
  • Team pulse – Understand the sentiments in your team better thanks to pulse surveys.
  • E10 engagement survey – Track engagement levels easily.
  • Gamification – Use points and badges to make the work experience more engaging.
  • Survey 2.0 – Employ templates and ready-made questions to run surveys quickly.


Engagedly comprises the base product and two add-ons, and you pay for them separately:

  • Performance Suite – $9/member/month. Access performance tracking capabilities.
  • Rewards & Recognition – $5/member/month. Features related to running surveys and facilitating employee recognition.
  • Growth & Learning – $5/member/month. Features that help with growth and engagement. 

All contracts are billed annually, and the minimal value of a plan is $5,000.

goal-tracking software Engagedly price

Customer reviews

Engagedly has a 4.7 score on Capterra and a 4.4 rating on G2. Users like the feature set but complain about the limitations of some features and confusing UI elements.

goal-tracking software Engagedly review

Image source: Capterra


goal-tracking software Profit.co

Image source: Capterra

Profit.co is a goal management software tool that helps organizations align their objectives, track progress, and improve performance. It uses the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, a popular method for setting and measuring goals. 


  • OKR management – Set goals, track, and measure results.
  • Performance management – Leverage OKRs to optimize performance in the organization.
  • Task management – Track tasks to help people use their time best.
  • Employee engagement – Build trust and boost employee engagement.
  • Integrations – Integrate Profit.co with well-known tools and technologies, including Slack, Gmail, Zapier, etc.


Profit.co has two primary modules – OKRs & Tasks and Performance Management & Goals – and several add-ons (Strategy Management, 1-on-1 & Team Meetings, Rewards & Recognition, and Employee Engagement). Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide pricing details for any of them.

goal-tracking software Profit.co price

Customer reviews

Profit.co has a 4.8 rating on Capterra and a slightly lower 4.7 score on G2. Users praise the overall experience and integrations but complain about the interface and customization.

Image source: Capterra

Choosing the best goal-tracking software: Comparison table

Platform Features Pricing Best for
Lattice - Performance
- Compensation
- Analytics
- OKRs & goals
- Grow
- Engagement
$11/member/month for the goal-tracking module Large companies
15Five - OKRs and goals
- Engagement assessments
- Performance reviews
- Role clarity
- Strengths discovery
- Career vision
- 1-on-1s agenda
- Weekly check-ins
- Employee recognition
- Real-time feedback
- Coaching hub
- Customizable manager training & coaching
$10/user/month for the goal-tracking module Businesses of all sizes, non-profits
Trakstar - Performance reviews
- Engagement surveys
- Goal setting and tracking
- 360-degree feedbacks
- Detailed reportings
- Learning management system
- Course creation
- Upskilling
- Recruitment tools
- Benchmarking
No information Medium-sized and large companies
Engagedly - Performance reviews
- OKR/Goal alignment
- Skill assessment & Talent mobility
- Advanced talent analytics & CXO insights
- Real-time feedback
- Online learning (LXP)
- Growth hub IDP
- 360-degree feedback & multi-rater
- Mentoring & coaching
- Remote work collaboration
- Custom rewards
- Team pulse
- E10 engagement survey
- Gamification
- Survey 2.0
The basic package starts at $9/member/month Companies of any size
Profit.co - OKR management
- Performance management
- Task management
- Employee engagement
- Integrations
No information Small and medium-sized companies


OKR software is a necessary investment for most companies that want to grow their teams, realize business goals, and achieve organizational success. Some solutions, like 15Five or Lattice, offer a comprehensive, holistic approach that can help you optimize various business areas. Others, like Profit.co, provide a more focused, specialized feature set. Of course, the key is choosing a system that’ll be right for your specific business needs and budget. We hope the information in this article will make this choice easier.


Here are answers to common questions regarding goal-tracking software.

What is goal-tracking software?

Goal-tracking software is a useful project management tool. It’s an application that helps users set, monitor, and achieve their personal, professional, as well as company goals. 

How do you keep track of your goals?

One of the best ways is to use specialized goal-setting software that allows you to set reminders, analyze progress reports, and get feedback to motivate and guide you toward the desired outcome.

What does OKR stand for?

OKR is an abbreviation for “objectives and key results,” a goal-setting methodology that helps companies set and monitor team goals.

In this article:
  1. Lattice
  2. 15Five
  3. Trakstar
  4. Engagedly
  5. Profit.co
  6. Choosing the best goal-tracking software: Comparison table
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ
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