Aug 14, 2023
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Andrew Makhovskyi

Performance Review Generator for Faster Employee Evaluations

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Have you ever experienced a block when trying to write a performance review? While they are a typical task for anyone who leads or manages people, sometimes it’s hard to find a proper phrase or word that reflects the desired shade of meaning. 

Though writing a performance review can be challenging and time-consuming, it is impossible to overstate the importance of creating those reviews. According to Gallup, employees who receive meaningful feedback are four times more likely to be engaged than others. 

Luckily, we live in an era when online tools can support our efforts in almost every field, including feedback building. A performance review generator can facilitate efficient, fair, and growth-oriented performance evaluations. We created this article to explain how they can help you in your everyday work. 

What is a performance review generator?

a performance review generator

© Example of a generated performance review

A performance review generator is a software tool or application designed to automate the process of writing performance reviews for employees in a workplace. The primary purpose of such a generator is to save time and effort for managers or human resources personnel who need to evaluate the performance of their team members regularly.

Benefits of a performance review generator:

  • Time-saving: Writing individualized performance reviews for each employee is a time-consuming process. A performance review generator significantly reduces the time and effort needed to create those reviews.
  • Consistency: The generator helps maintain language and evaluation criteria consistency across all reviews.
  • Efficiency: Managers can quickly generate reviews for multiple employees, even in large organizations.
  • Objectivity: If the generator integrates with data sources, it can incorporate objective performance data into the review, making it more data-driven.

Performance review template

Performance review generator: What to include?

When using a performance review generator, you should include specific elements to ensure a comprehensive and meaningful evaluation of an employee's performance. Here are some essential components:

Employee name and role

Begin the review by providing basic details about the employee, such as their name, job title, company name, department, and the period covered by the review.

Scoring for different skills

a performance review generator skills

When scoring for different skills, ensure that the rating scale you choose aligns with the organization's performance management system and is well-defined and easy to understand by both the employees and the evaluators. 

Some standard scales that a performance review generator might employ include numerical, descriptive, Likert scale, or behavioral anchored ranking scale

Here are the skills a performance review commonly includes:

  • Job-specific skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative and proactivity

It's also crucial to provide specific feedback and examples to support the assigned scores, as this will make the review more constructive and helpful for the employee's development.

Strengths and growth opportunities

Apart from including the employee’s key strengths, the performance review should highlight the areas where the employee can improve or develop their skills, knowledge, or behavior.

It's essential to specify the growth opportunities and provide a clear example or feedback to illustrate each area of improvement. Constructive suggestions on how the employees can work on these areas can help them enhance their performance.

Tone of the review

A performance review generator usually allows you to tailor the tone of the evaluation to match the organization’s culture and the purpose of the review. Some standard tone options include: 

  • Formal and professional
  • Positive and motivational
  • Balanced and neutral
  • Appreciative and grateful
  • Empathetic and understanding

Review type

In a performance review generator, including the review type allows users to specify the purpose or nature of the evaluation. Different review types serve various objectives and may have unique formats. 

Here are some common review types to consider including in the generator:

  • Annual Performance Review: A comprehensive review is conducted once a year to assess an employee's overall performance and accomplishments during the past year.
  • Mid-Year Review: A check-in is conducted midway through the year to provide feedback on progress toward goals and address any concerns or areas for improvement.
  • 360-Degree Feedback Review: A review that gathers feedback from various sources, including peers, subordinates, and managers, to provide a holistic assessment of an employee's performance.
  • Developmental Review: A review aimed at identifying an employee's areas for growth and development, often used for career planning and improvement.
  • Peer Review: A peer assessment conducted to provide feedback on an employee's teamwork, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-Assessment Review: A review where the employee self-assesses their performance, accomplishments, and areas for improvement.
  • Leadership Review: A review tailored for employees in leadership positions, evaluating their leadership abilities, decision-making, and team management.

How to choose a performance review generator

When choosing a performance review generator, you should consider several key features and factors to ensure it meets your needs effectively. Take into account the following aspects:

  • Customization options: The generator should offer customization options to tailor the review content, scoring criteria, and evaluation parameters according to your organization's requirements and performance standards.
  • User-friendly interface: A user-friendly interface ensures the generator is easy to navigate and operate, even for non-technical users.
  • Template library: Look for a generator that provides a variety of pre-defined performance review templates covering different review types, skill categories, and industries. It saves time and effort in creating reviews from scratch.
  • Scalability: Ensure that the generator can handle reviews for many employees if your organization has a substantial workforce.
  • Data integration: If applicable, check if the generator can integrate with existing performance management systems or data sources to gather relevant performance metrics automatically.
  • Review type flexibility: Verify that the generator supports multiple review types to accommodate various performance evaluation processes, such as annual reviews, probationary assessments, 360-degree feedback, etc.
  • Reporting and analytics: Check if the generator contains reporting and analytics features, allowing you to analyze performance trends and identify organizational patterns.


By significantly reducing the time spent on review processes, the performance review generator empowers HR teams to shift their focus from monotonous administrative tasks to critical initiatives aimed at talent development and organizational growth.

As a result, businesses can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, nurturing talent, and fostering a sense of empowerment among their workforce.


How do you create a performance review system?

Creating a performance review system can be a complex process, but here are some steps to consider:

  • Determine the purpose and goals of the performance review system
  • Identify performance measures
  • Set guidelines for feedback
  • Train managers to conduct effective reviews
  • Create disciplinary and termination procedures
  • Set an evaluation schedule

How can AI write my performance review?

AI can write performance reviews by automating the process of collecting and analyzing employee performance data from different sources like project management tools, emails, and calendars. AI algorithms analyze the data and identify patterns to pinpoint the areas where employees’ performance needs improvement.

The advantages of using AI in performance reviews include: 

  • Eliminating human errors
  • Providing objective assessments
  • Identifying improvement areas
  • Providing personalized feedback and coaching to employees

You can also use a performance review generator tool that automates the creation of performance reviews. The tool typically prompts to input information about the employee being reviewed, such as their job responsibilities, competencies, skills, and performance metrics. Based on this information, the generator creates a comprehensive textual employee review you can customize and edit.

What is a performance review template?

A performance review template is a document that outlines the information relevant to the employee's job performance, such as:

  • Employee information
  • Performance goals
  • Competencies or job-specific skills
  • Achievements and strengths
  • Areas for improvement
  • Training and development needs

The template helps to structure the performance review appropriately and serves as a framework to ensure the evaluation is fair, consistent, and objective. 

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